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Get Fixed Price Guarantee on Australian Greyhounds

Get Fixed Price Guarantee on Australian Greyhounds

If you wished that the price you selected at the time of placing bets remained fixed, that is what you get with Bet365 India. This offer is being extended in Australian greyhounds and that makes your prices and bets surer much more.

How does It Work?

Not every platform makes bet options sure and backs them up with guarantees. That is where Bet365 strives to be different from other betting platforms. With Bet365, you get the option of exploring fixed prices on the Australian greyhounds. The fixed price guarantee remains on Forecast, Tricast, Place, and Fixed Win bet categories.

How to Avail this Promotion?

If you are new to the site you can claim the offer with the following steps:
  1. Register Your Account
    As you need to be a member to wager bets, Click on the “Claim Bonus” link below to to sign up and get the Welcome Bonus.
  2. Make a Minimum Deposit
    This is the second step to follow after account registration is complete. You can proceed to make a minimum deposit of Rs 500 to fund your account and be eligible to wager on games and sports.
  3. Visit the Promotions’ Landing Page
    To qualify your bets under this promotion you can visit the landing page of the promo and use the link ‘Bet Now’.
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How Do You Benefit?

If you are worried about price fluctuations then this promo would benefit you. It offers fixed prices on all races involving Australian greyhounds. You can select bets of the kind such as Forecast, Place, Tricast, or Fixed Win. These bets will come with the fixed price guarantee under this scheme and allow you to receive the price that was existing at the time of wagering. All you need to do is wager under this scheme or qualify your bets on all Australian greyhound races under this promotion.


Who is Eligible for the Offer?
It is new and existing eligible members of the Bet365 sports betting platform.
How to Qualify Your Bet Under this Promo?
You can visit your account and qualify your bet under this scheme if it is applicable to you. Alternatively, you can visit this promo page and use the ‘Bet Now’ link.

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