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Get Free Access to Horse Racing TV Archive

Get Free Access to Horse Racing TV Archive

Horse racing is more enjoyable when you do it on Bet365 India. This platform ensures that you can watch all the replays of the Irish and UK races that are streamed live on ATR and RTV channels. At no extra cost, you can watch unlimited replays of your favorite horse races.

What is the Offer?

The live coverage of horse races is invaluable not only during an active horse race bet but can provide valuable insight later on. That is what Bet365 provides its members at no extra cost. With a member account, you can watch unlimited replays of the Irish and UK races.

How to Avail the Offer?

  1. Open a Member Account
    To avail of this and other offers on Bet365, you need to be an eligible and registered member. Click on the Link below to get the Welcome Bonus Offer when signing up.
  2. Make a Deposit to Activate the Account
    Once your account is registered successfully you can proceed to activate the same. Fund it with Rs 500 as the minimum amount to wager on races and more.
  3. Visit Racing Archive in Your Account Section
    You will find this link on your account page. Type in meeting or date for finding the details of the past races. Choose from the list of races listed and enjoy the recordings free of any additional charge.
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How it Works?

To view past recordings of live races, this is a feature you can use. If you are new to horse races or wish to check the past performance of a horse before you bid on it, this feature will come of use. With access to this feature, you can study the form of the horses; keep up to date for free on bet365.


Who can Access this Feature?
All those who have a registered account on Bet365 can access this feature.
What is the Benefit of this Feature?
If you wish to improve the accuracy of your horse race bets, all you need to do is opt for this feature. It is available to all members in their account section, free of charge.

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