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Get the Best-Guaranteed Odds on Equestrian Sports

Get the Best-Guaranteed Odds on Equestrian Sports

When you are new to horse race betting, you need an expert by your side. With Bet365 India and its expert promotions, you will get the best-guaranteed odds when betting on horse races

How it Works?

This promo works for any horse race on which you choose to place bets except for races in certain countries as mentioned on the promotions page. You can select the price accordingly and if your selection is successful and SP is higher, you get paid at the higher odds. 

You can check out the best odds and guaranteed payouts in the list of recent races. 

How to Claim the Offer?

  1. Register an Account
    The amazing deals and bet options are available to members. If you are not registered yet, simply open an account today from the link below. The opening web page, as well as the promotions page, has the Join Now link.
  2. Make a Deposit
    Once the account registration is done, you need to make at least a minimum deposit of Rs 500. This will entitle you to place wagers on different sports and casino games.
  3. Place Bets Under this Promo
    Visit the landing page of this promotion and simply click on Bet Now. It will enable you to place bets using your account deposit and as per the terms mentioned.
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Terms of the Offer

You need to be a registered or eligible member of the site to avail of the promotion. Ensure that you place bets on Each-Way Fixed Odds, Enhanced Price, or the Win market segments only. Offer includes singles, multiples, showcase bets, early prices, and board prices on horse racing.


Which Races are Excluded in the Promo?
Races in countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia are excluded.
What Happens if SP is Not Declared for a Race?
In such a case, if the price of Bet365 is greater for the race off than the price taken, your bet gets settled at a higher price.
Can I Access the Promo on My Mobile?
Yes, you can log into your account either on the mobile or the desktop. You will find the offer under the Offers section on your account page.

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