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Protect Your Odds Drifts for Horse Races

Protect Your Odds Drifts for Horse Races

If you are an avid bettor on horse races, Bet365 India has you covered with this odds drift protector promo. It will protect your odds drifts for everyday races.

How does It Work?

If you are new to Bet365 and wish to avail of the everyday betting options on horse racing, this particular scheme is something to opt for. It works for fixed win bets placed on Australian horse races. If the price at a jump or the final official price is greater than the price of your bet, you get paid out at bigger odds. For instance, if you take your selection at 4.00 and it drifts to 6.00 then you get paid out at the higher level if the selection wins.

How to Avail the Offer?

If you are new to this platform, you can sign up for the promo in the following way:
  1. Register an Account
    Even if you are new to the website you can still avail of the offer. Simply click on the “Claim Bonus” link below to to sign up and get the Welcome Bonus.
  2. Fund Your Account
    Simply make a minimum deposit of Rs 500 once you are registered as a member. This will help you begin to wager on the different sports and games on the site.
  3. Qualify Your Bet for this Offer
    Once you have an account, simply visit the promotion page and find this feature. Click the Bet Now link to qualify your bets to avail of the promotion.
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How You Benefit?

With the odds drift protector, your bets are protected at higher odds. If the price at which a selection is done ends in a win and at a higher price, you get paid out at the higher price if you bet under this feature. The restrictions that apply are bets of the fixed price win category of Australian horse racing. If there are no dynamic odds or official price declared at particular tracks, winning bets are paid out at the fixed price.


Who can Avail of the Offer?
Members who are new and eligible for the offer will find the same showcased under Offers in their account section.
Does the Offer Apply to All Horse Races?
No, this promo is applicable for Australian horse racing and on Fixed Price Win bets.

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