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The founders and employees of on average have more than 10+ years of international online betting and online casino experience. We believe to know the industry better than anyone else. All our reviews and articles stem from our own professional opinions, and we intend to keep it that way. We are a richly diverse team with roots in New Delhi, but nationalities spread from the US in the far West, to Europe and India with neighboring countries.

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India Gamblers is a privately owned and fully independent company. We have no affiliation to any betting site, bookmaker, sportsbook or online casino. We give our visitors unbiased reviews that have passed India Gamblers’ quality control before being listed on the site.

It should be noted though that the revenues to run India Gamblers to some degree come from advertising partnerships. Without these partnerships we would not be able to do what we love the most, providing the Indian online community with information about online betting. When clicking on some of the links, redirecting you to some of the betting sites, we sometimes receive a commission. We may also sell advertising space to various partners, where the following advertiser policy applies:

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