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AstroPay India 2020 Review

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AstroPay India can be a very effective tool for making payments into online betting sites. This virtual prepaid AstroPay card has had a rapid growth in popularity of late, as it comes with the obvious advantage of being able to make online payments without sharing personal data. The card is also very effective when it comes to cross-border and cross-currency transactions.

AstroPay Card Pros

  • Payments are almost instant
  • Very secure and anonymous
  • Works on a mobile app
  • Very little cases of payment rejection

AstroPay Card Cons

  • Does not support a lot of currencies
  • Inability to make cash withdrawals

History of AstroPay India

AstroPay India has been around only since 2009 and it is a relatively new platform compared with other prepaid and virtual card options. Yet, the brand has been able to take a lot of experience over the last decade to introduce new features, rectify some of the teething problems, and provide excellent support. In the last few years, AstroPay’s adoption has grown up significantly in India. AstroPay is in operation in more than 10 countries around the world. This number has been steadily growing in recent times, as more people switch away from regular credit cards owing to concerns about safety of data.

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Is it safe to use AstroPay?
Yes, AstroPay India takes the safety of its users very seriously. There are many security systems employed by this prepaid card, which stays anonymous. Furthermore, banking and personal data are not shared.
Is it possible to use Indian rupees for payments with AstroPay?
Yes, AstroPay cards do have the Indian rupee denomination and it allows users to make payments in INR without having to suffer any conversion fees.
Is it legal to use AstroPay in India?
Yes, there are no restrictions for using AstroPay, as it is legal in India.
Is there a fee associated with the use of this card?
No, AstroPay is completely free. There are no card fees or annual maintenance fees.
What is the validity period of AstroPay card India?
AstroPay cards are valid for one year from the date of issuance.

AstroPay India VIP Review

There is no VIP program at AstroPay. This is a prepaid card that works in multiple currencies. Furthermore, there is a strict validity period of 12 months on every card. Depending on the user’s preference, the card can be loaded with various currencies. Once loaded, the funds can be spent at merchant sites, online transfers, and more. AstroPay India may not offer a VIP program, but users still get the option of using multiple currencies without any transaction costs. The total anonymity offered by AstroPay card India is certainly one of the premium features that can be crucial for many individuals – especially when making transactions with online gambling institutions.

AstroPay India Currency Options

The big advantage of AstroPay is the ability to use Indian rupees to make the transaction. The user can begin with registration on the platform followed by the choice of their deposit amount. After registration, a user will be given the card details which will involve a 16 digit number along with the CVV security code just like a credit/debit card. The crucial difference with AstroPay card is the higher level of safety that a user can achieve largely because there is no physical entity that gets the transaction. Once the deposit amount has been decided, the user gets the option the same into the card. Only this amount will be available for use and this can be a bonus for keeping the spending in check. Once the card has been loaded with a particular currency, it will remain valid for one year.

AstroPay India Transfer Fees and Exchange Rates

The advantage with AstroPay India not only lies with the ability to transact in Indian rupees, but it also reduces the overall fees incurred when making payments. Since this card does not attract any tax charges, users will not be subject to local taxes. There is no need to consider exchange rates since the transactions are done in local currency. The consumer does not have to pay any transaction charges and even registering for the account does not attract any charge.

The process of funding the AstroPay card is quite easy, as it can be performed using the likes of bank transfer, UPI, and more. If a user prefers mobile payments, there is support for the likes of Google Pay, JioMoney, or other mobile payment options. The card can be funded with just 70 rupees, which is around $1. There is no need to wait for using the card, as it is up and running immediately after making the payment.

Just like a regular bank card where users do not have to incur transaction fees for regular payments, AstroPay card India does not have any transfer fees. The lack of transfer fees becomes truly beneficial when a user is trying to fund their account at an online casino or sportsbook. A regular credit/debit card will attract charges, whereas AstroPay card India users are free to perform the transactions without any issues.

AstroPay India Mobile App Review

The popularity of mobile gambling has skyrocketed in recent years and this has resulted in a growing demand for payment options like AstroPay. The AstroPay card India receives can be accessed and managed from a mobile app, which has been created for Android and iOS devices. Both are very similar in terms of their interface and it does not take long to feel at home. The app happens to be impressive in terms of looks and features. The key functionalities provided on the platform include management of the AstroPay card India, while one can also make transfers directly from the app. The apps can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.

AstroPay India e-Wallet

Money Transfer Options:

  • A growing number of online casinos and sportsbooks provide support for AstroPay payments
  • AstroPay India can be used for making online payments in Indian rupees
  • No fees involved in the transfer of funds
  • Multiple currencies supported by this platform, which has global acceptance

Withdrawal Options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Merchant site transfer

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