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Indian Football Betting and Football Tactics

Indian Football Betting and Football Tactics

The history of Indian football

Football was never much of a popular game in India — that is, until the British rule. Football is England’s pride, so naturally, when India was colonized by Britain, it was something that came to the state with the British soldiers. Football’s legacy is going strong today: even though cricket is more popular, states like Goa and Kerala play football enthusiastically and on a regular basis. The same thing goes for Indian football betting, which was brought to India by large English betting sites like Bet365. All of this is good news for us Indian football betting enthusiasts.

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As you can imagine, football originally started in India as an “army game” since it came from the British soldiers. British and Indian soldiers would become a football player as a form of bonding. Locals ultimately joined in, and in 1872, India’s first football team was established in Calcutta. It marked a turning point for the country, as major football tournaments were created and sponsored including the Durand Cup and the IFA Shield.

India’s football team finally reached the world stage in 1950 when they were invited to play football in the FIFA World Cup. Interestingly enough, the Indian football team declined the offer — partly because they weren’t allowed to play barefoot! This was amusing to the international football community, but it’s something very understandable for Indians, who love to play sports with their feet hitting the raw earth. On a similar tangent — Indians love eating food with their bare hands, and not using cutlery!

Today, the Indian Super League (ISL) is India’s main football event. It started in 2014 and has become increasingly popular in India over the last decade. Prizes of millions of dollars are given to winning teams in the ISL — this is something unimaginable to those who started football in India all those decades ago! The country has truly come a long way and has paved the way for future football developments in India.

Frequently asked questions

Is football betting legal in India?
Yes, football betting is legal in India
Where can I bet legally on football in India?
You can choose any of the brands listed on India Gamblers to bet legally in India
What is the India FIFA ranking?
India FIFA ranking is around 108 for men and around 55 for women
Who is the most famous Indian football player?
The most famous Indian football player is Bhaichung Bhutia

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Indian football betting

International football betting has become one of the world’s most popular gambling activities. The sheer amount of money that flows through football betting is truly crazy. Over 1.82 billion USD was bet on FIFA games in 2014 alone, and that figure is far higher today. It’s an exhilarating way to gamble, and there are some techniques you can use to potentially increase your edge.

Something important to note is that there are millions of people worldwide observing football and betting on football events at any given time. As such, the spread of football gambling events is not very high — the football odds won’t be as delayed as they are in other sports, and as an average football player, you probably won’t be able to locate an advantage. If you’re someone who has never seen a sports football game in their life and you try making your first football bet, you certainly may win, but even if you do, it’ll only be out of pure luck. In order to get a true edge in football betting, you need to refine your craft and hone it to perfection. The most popular international football betting site is without question the UK origin Bet365.

Best International football betting site in India

Perfecting your betting strategy

If you’re new to Indian football betting (or even if you have intermediate experience), you’re going to want to follow this betting strategy. It allows you to actually perfect your betting craft without wasting good money on stupid bets unnecessarily.

Betting predictions and football player odds

  • Start watching Indian football more often! This is one of the keys to becoming a great football bettor and developing the best football betting strategy. You simply cannot win if you don’t know the betting game. Obsessively watch football games for the league you’re interested in and get to know the football teams better. This is so important because it will allow you to locate the strong football players and weak points within each pro football league and each team.
  • Before each game, write down your betting predictions. Predict the game spread, predict the money line, and predict the over/under. Watch the game closely, and when it ends, take a look at how the actual numbers tally up against your predictions. The first few times, they will be very off, however, over time, you are guaranteed to get better and better.
  • As your analysis and skill of the betting game increase, your betting predictions will start matching the actual games. When this happens, you’re ready to bet real money. Start putting money accordingly on the football matches and watch how your expert-level knowledge of the teams will propel you to riches.

Study the football team and monitor the football odds

As it is for all online betting strategies, be sure you follow the football teams closely. This means studying each football player’s history carefully and being aware of any injuries or personal issues that could interfere with a football player’s regular playstyle. This could actually make a huge difference between winning and losing your bet depending on how crucial that team player is to the team’s setup. Some excellent metrics to bet on are game total goals under/over, team total goals over/under, and corners handicap. Try not to go for the smaller or lesser-known game metrics, since those can be a lot riskier. They are also more volatile since there is less volume on them — football odds can swing up and down wildly with just a few changes in the game.

The betting site with the best football odds in India

Disciplined bankroll management when betting on football in India

Other than actually knowing the game, you also need to know how to bet. This is all about bankroll management. Of course, you should never bet all of your money on a single game, no matter how sure you are. There is always the small risk of being wrong, or of an underdog winning, or of a match being fixed, or of your favorite Indian player having a bad day… There are so many things that could potentially go wrong within a single game, so be sure to never put all of your eggs into one basket.

Make sure you set yourself a maximum bet amount. Don’t bet above this amount, as it could potentially be too risky. For example, only put 5% of your bankroll into each bet. If you win the bet, it’s safe to slightly increase your bet for the next match since your bankroll is bigger. If you lose, try to reduce your bet a bit and recover using a safer strategy. This will prevent you from falling into a mindset where you chase your losses — this is a very dangerous mindset and can potentially lead to you losing everything, no matter how good you are with your Indian football betting strategy. Remember that when it comes to online football betting in India, football knowledge is only half of the journey. Indian online gambling knowledge is the other half.

Indian Super League betting – ISL betting

In many one-on-one games like tennis or table tennis, you may sometimes be tempted to bet on the younger up and coming player. This can often be very profitable since underdog betting often has much better return rates compared to betting on someone who is a known professional. However, the same does not hold true for Indian football leagues!

Football underdog betting, not a good idea

When it’s one person, there’s a lot of variances involved. A professional football player may have had a bad day and can easily slip up once or twice, costing him the match. However, a professional team consists of multiple professional football players, all with excellent track history, training, and team coordination. For the whole team to slip up, you’d need to get very lucky, which is why underdog betting is not a very good strategy in the ISL. Thus, go for the strong ISL team! That’s definitely the best way to boost your football betting strategy in India.

Football betting tips – the best teams to follow

Chennaiyin FC is a great choice, as they are consistently very good players, especially after Dhanpal Ganesh’s recent return. Northeast United FC is another excellent team that could potentially become stars, depending on how well the new players (Robert Jarni and Gyan) settle in with the existing team. Of course, Mumbai City FC is a team that stands the test of time, and their team cohesion is unparalleled. If you center your online football betting strategy around teams that focus more on teamwork than the individual, you are likely to face more consistent and more frequent returns (given the fact that there is less variance involved, as mentioned earlier).

Slow but steady gains

It’s important to note that if you follow this strategy during the ISL (betting on extremely good and strong teams), your gains will be slow. During online football betting, the odds of winning determine the return rate — a strong team with high odds of winning will not return very much on a bet; sometimes as low as 2-5%. But: the key here is consistency and slow progress. 2-5% a day can add up very fast! Don’t be risky and don’t go into the ISL betting expecting to make thousands of dollars in a single bet. It is possible, but it is very risky, and you are more likely to bankrupt yourself.

Stick to proper bankroll management so that all of your bets are within the correct parameters. This will prevent you from loss-chasing and making incorrectly sized bets.

Optimize your betting strategy

Keep optimizing your online football betting strategy as well. The same technique may not necessarily work every year, so try to figure out flaws with your plan and fix them wherever possible. Remember the technique of writing down your predictions for each game and seeing how they line up afterward? Keep doing that, and never stop doing it. Do it for games you’re not even betting on! The point of this is to study how well your process is working and to figure out where and how it can be optimized. Through this, no matter which year the ISL is in (or even which league you’re betting on), you will have done enough research to make successful online football bets!

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