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Best online cricket betting in India

Cricket is the most popular sport to bet on in India. Cricket Betting is the heart and soul of sports betting, with the IPL leading the way as the radiant star of sports wagering. Finding a betting site with a supreme cricket betting offering is crucial, and below we have compiled a list of the betting sites we recommend for cricket betting. 

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Cricket Guides at IndiaGamblers

We have plenty of cricket betting guides. Once you are done reading this page these topics might be interesting for your next read. 

History of India cricket betting and the Indian cricket league

Over the years, India has become a cricket powerhouse. India cricket is a sport that is deeply embedded in Indian culture, and it’s something that never fails to bring people together. You’ll see children in India playing cricket on the streets all day, and you’ll see businesspeople arranging events simply to play cricket matches with each other. It is also common to see colleagues come together to share online cricket betting stories in India. Although hockey is India’s national sport (unofficially), cricket is far closer to the hearts of the Indian people.

Some of the earliest reported live cricket games happened as early as 1721 when English sailors from the East India Company began playing matches of cricket against the locals. By 1792, India’s first regional cricket team had formed, and India’s first international cricket match happened in 1834. The now-famous BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) was created in December of 1928 and marked the beginning of India’s professional cricket journey on the world stage. Today, India is known to have given rise to several star players such as Tendulkar, Kohli, and Dhoni, who are known as legends both within their country and around the world.

Cricket live score and live cricket betting

The actual concept of live cricket betting and having a cricket betting strategy is very simple — each side has a certain probability of winning. You place a cricket bet, and if you’re right, your money is multiplied and given back to you based on the cricket odds. However, if you want to gain an edge in the world of India cricket league betting, you first need to understand how those cricket odds are determined, and you need to understand the inner workings behind live cricket betting. It’s not just about India cricket odds — it’s about the India cricket team players too!

Cricket odds Ind vs Eng

In cricket betting, the cricket odds are based on the probability of a certain cricket team winning the game. These are set not by some authority, but simply by the free market. If more people believe that a certain cricket team is going to win, they will put more money behind that team, so when the live cricket betting begins, they will expect that cricket team to win against its opponent.

For example, if the India national cricket team was to play against the English national cricket team, ind vs eng or India vs England, and the odds on the Unibet cricket section were Eng 2.33 and Ind 1.64. If you bet $100 on England and they win, you’ll get back $233. If you bet $100 on India and they win, you’ll get back $164. This means that the people who are betting currently expect India beat England, which is why betting on England is riskier (and thus will return a higher profit). Remember — high risk, high reward. Low risk, low reward.

The betting site with the best cricket odds

Watch live cricket at the cricket stadium

For the average cricket sports bettor, it’s important to have a good online cricket betting strategy by analyzing both cricket rules and the live cricket game at the cricket stadium. Making decisions days before the game begins can be hard, but during the live cricket game, odds can change fast, and you can use this to your advantage. This works especially well if you are actually present at the cricket stadium since there will be no latency between an event at the cricket stadium happening and you receiving that event (unlike if you were to watch it on the internet or on TV).

When events in the game during live cricket change, the Indian cricket league odds change as well. A certain cricket team may have high odds of winning due to the presence of a certain star player, but if one of the star players gets out, then the cricket odds of that team winning will drop. The same thing can be said about the first captain of the Indian cricket team. Thus, the moment you see a team starting to lose, you can quickly place a bet on the other side before the game odds are updated.

You need to be smart about it and analyze the IPL match so that you can play the cricket odds to your advantage. This also requires a solid understanding of live cricket and cricket rules. Online cricket betting can be very profitable if you are able to update your betting strategy based on events that happen as the cricket game plays out.

Best live cricket betting site

Cricket IPL match statistics

An excellent way of reading the cricket game is by looking at the live cricket match statistics. Look at the batting average, the strike rate, the run rate, and the runs per wicket ratio. All of these are important figures that can indicate how well (or how poorly) a team is doing as it plays. As these numbers change during a cricket match, you should adjust your betting strategy accordingly. If a team that usually has poor batting is displaying high runs per wicket ratio, this means that the team is doing extraordinarily well, and maybe the game’s underdog.

A cricket underdog here is someone who is expected to lose but then suddenly come out on top. Underdogs are very profitable to bet on since they have high multipliers (sometimes even 7x to 10x), which means if you bet on them and they win, you can win huge amounts of money in a single cricket game! Observing changes during an Indian cricket league match is the key to online cricket betting, as it can help you outpace the average cricket bettor by quite a lot.

The betting site with the best cricket IPL match statistics

Online cricket betting – IPL betting tips in India

Online cricket betting in India usually happens during the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is a massive cricket event in India that captures the attention of the world. It’s so huge that billions upon billions of dollars are traded on betting platforms during the IPL — over 4 billion was traded on one single betting site during the 2018 IPL alone.

 Top sites that offer IPL cricket betting:

  • bet365
  • dafabet
  • 1xBet
  • LeoVegas
  • Royal Panda

We have discussed the common cricket betting strategies that most cricket gamblers are aware of, but there’s a more pertinent question. How does professional sports betting work in India? Why is it that so many professional gamblers are able to make thousands if not millions of dollars during the IPL? Well, here is their strategy, and it’s extremely different from mere live cricket match analysis.

Underdog IPL betting

Professional cricket bettors study the man, not the game. That’s the secret to professional cricket betting in India. It’s very similar to stock market trading — you have to study market expectations and make moves based on research. For example, professional bettors may sometimes bet against big players like Virat Kohli. This may seem counterintuitive — why would you bet against the best player? — but there’s an important reason behind this. Remember how cricket match odds are set based on expectations of gamblers? If a team is expected to win, then the return you’ll get by betting on them will be very low.

People know that Virat Kohli is an excellent player, and the average cricket fan doesn’t really know anyone else, so they will overestimate Kohli’s skill and bet a lot of money on Kohli’s team. As such, the return derived after betting on Kohli, even if you win, will be quite low, since the cricket betting market overestimates how good Kohli is.

Essentially, the risk is not commensurate with the reward. It’s certainly a low risk, but the reward is far too low for the bet itself to be justified. This is why professional gamblers sometimes go with the underdogs during the IPL — players who are unheard of but are still extremely good. They have less monetary backing and thus higher returns on online cricket betting sites in India.

Courtside online cricket betting on IPL match in India

Professional cricket bettors also take the initial live cricket betting concept to the next level. They may hire professional “courtsiders”. Who are able to sit in the stands during the IPL match and watch where the ball is going live. As the ball goes in the air, the courtsider can push a button on their phone. Indicating whether the ball will be caught, or if it’ll result in a six. And that button will in turn relay a very large new bet for the professional gambler. It’s an excellent technique to take live odds to a higher level of profitability. When betting on the Indian cricket league.

Biggest IPL Cricket Stadiums in India

StadiumCityIPL TeamCapacity
Eden GardensKolkataKolkata Knight Riders68 000
Rajiv Gandhi InternationalHyderabadSunrisers Hyderabad55 000
M. A. Chidambaram StadiumChennaiChennai Super Kings50 000
Wankhede StadiumMumbaiMumbai Indians45 000
Arun Jaitley StadiumDelhiDelhi Capitals41 820
M. Chinnaswamy StadiumBengaluruRoyal Challengers Bangalore40 000

The Best IPL betting site

Study the cricket players in the IPL

People who are online cricket betting veterans in India are able to develop their own betting strategies. They have seen hundreds of IPL matches and know the players very well. So they understand their capabilities even better than the overall market. By studying the statistics of each player and watching their playstyle, you can actually ascertain how far the market value of a certain team is deviating from the real cricket odds. Based on this, professional bettors can figure out where a team’s odds are undervalued. And can turn massive profits by betting on those cricket teams. This doesn’t require much skill, but it certainly requires consistency.

You need to understand the flow of the game. The cricket players and how they interact with each other. You need to understand each person’s strengths and limitations. It’s hard work, but it can certainly pay off. Some professional IPL gamblers are making over $100,000 per season! You can crunch numbers all you want, and you can even hire data scientists. But at the end of the day, the best way to make consistent profits during Indian cricket betting on IPL is by understanding each cricket player to the core.