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Teen Patti

Teen Patti

History of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a simple and elegant wagering game that requires only a deck of cards. The game originated in India, and literally means “three cards” in English. It is related to the English game Three-Card Brag, with influences from the traditional 5-Card Poker. It has quickly become a popular game in all of South Asia, although it takes on different names in different languages. The game is great for families, travelers, or friends who are looking to play a simple and fast game that’s both fun and doesn’t require any additional resources (all you need is a pack of cards). The game can be played with money or without, thus making the gambling aspect of the game entirely optional.


  • Lots of fun
  • Keeps you on your toes given that its Live Teen Patti
  • Great live experience with great live dealers


  • We experienced a minor lag when playing it, but I'm sure it's all been sorted by now

Teen Patti originated in India, and literally means “three cards” in English

Teen Patti rules

How to play Teen Patti

Starting a game of Indian Teen Patti is similar to how one would start a traditional card game of a different type as well. The play order is decided, usually by players drawing a card each. The player with the highest card number would usually go first. Over time, multiple variations of the game have arisen and the rules or play style are affected by several cultural aspects, so there is no “official” rule regarding starting the game per se. Indian Teen Patti rules tend to vary.

The gambling aspect

As mentioned, you can always play the game without involving money, but if you do choose to make it a gambling game, then everyone has to pay into the main game pot with a small “ante” bet before the game begins. This gives players to continue the game rounds regardless of how bad their hand is. If there was no ante, players who had a bad hand would simply drop out of the game and wouldn’t lose any money, and the players with good hands wouldn’t be able to make anything. In order to keep the game fair and in order to keep the odds intact, an ante is a must for all players before starting a paid round of Teen Pati.

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Teen Patti Betting

Each player is to make a bet after being dealt three cards. Every subsequent Teen Patti bet must be either equal to the last bet or higher than it. This means that as the game goes on, the bets either get progressively higher or stay the same. Players can also choose to leave the game (thus forfeiting their ante), but in most cultures, this is considered discourteous.

A sideshow is where a player asks another player to compare cards. This request can be accepted or denied based on the player’s game mechanics: for example, if he is bluffing his way through the round (trying to make it seem as if his cards are better than they actually are), then he has no incentive to show his cards. During the sideshow, the player with the worse hand is forced to exit the game. The player who requested the sideshow also has to pay the other player.

The game ends when there are two or fewer players left in the game (ie. the rest have exited). If there is one player left, he wins the game by default. If there are two players left, both players’ cards are to be shown, and the higher hand win.

Ranking & probability of hands

1Three of a kind / trio0.24%
2Straight flush / pure sequence0.22%
3Straight / sequence3.26%
4Flush / colour4.96%
6No pair / high card74.39%

Teen Patti ranking

In Teen Patti, the best hand wins, and there are some rules determining which hand is the best. The hand rankings are listed below in descending order.

Trio: this is where you get three cards of the same number (for example, 5 5 5 or A A A). This is the highest-ranking hand category. An A A A is the best possible hand you can get and a 2 2 2 is the lowest ranking hand within the trio category.

Pure sequence: this is when there are three consecutive cards of the same suit. Without them being of the same suit, it would be considered a sequence and not a pure sequence. An example of this would be 3 of clubs, 4 of clubs, and 5 of clubs together in a hand.

Sequence: this is when you get three consecutive cards that are not all of the same suit. For example, a hand with a 3 of diamonds, 4 of clubs and 5 of hearts would be considered a sequence.

Colour: a flush is when all three cards have the same suit (eg. 2 of clubs, K of clubs, 5 of clubs) but aren’t consecutive. If both players have a flush, the highest card of each hand is compared. When the highest card is the same, the second-highest card is compared, and so on. If the numbers are the same, the suits are compared. Spades is the highest-ranking suit and clubs is the lowest ranking suit.

Double: a pair happens when you have two cards of the same number (eg. 2 2 5). If the pair values are the same during a showdown then the highest of the remaining cards decides the winning hand.

Play Teen Patti Online

Playing Teen Patti online is quite a different experience. It’s a lot more fast-paced since games are determined and settled instantly with computer algorithms. There are no rule disputes, given that many players may have a different understanding of the rules depending on which part of India or Asia they come from. There’s also no need to memorize the Teen Patti rules to settle on a winner since everything is done automatically.

While you certainly can’t beat the fun of playing with all of your friends in person, this isn’t always feasible. Finding lots of friends who are all available at the same time and are willing to bet on the game in-person can be quite difficult. Teen Patti online games aggregate these players for you. You are all automatically assigned to a game and all of them are willing to bet real money on the game, which can reduce the hassle of actually finding a game by a lot.

Teen Patti Live

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