Like most others, we are passionate about online gambling in India. We know what we are talking about and we can assure you that you have come to the right place; India Gamblers review and list only the best legal online casinos and betting sites in India that comply with current legislation.

We help you navigate through the complex landscape of online gambling. Whether it’s about finding the right Indian casino or betting site or scrolling across our extensive list of betting bonus offers. We’ve got you covered.

Best betting sites for Indian players

  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • A wide variety of quality games
  • Several banking methods
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile-optimised platform
  • Enticing welcome bonuses
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  • The casino game selection is excellent
  • Low minimum deposit levels
  • The platform is mobile friendly
  • Support for several cryptocurrencies is provided
  • Complete product portfolio - Casino, Live Casino & Sports
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  • Amazing Casino bonus!
  • Mobile friendly!
  • Cool design and easy to use! 
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  • Accessible on mobile
  • Support is available 24/7
  • Licensed online casino
  • Wide range of different games
  • Bonus is easy to clear
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  • Fast and efficient customer service
  • Generous welcome bonuses
  • Simple, and fast-paced user interface
  • Wide range of payment methods
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India Gamblers helps you compare Indian Online Gambling Sites

India Gamblers aims to become your guide to online betting and online casino gambling on the Indian market. We only promote reliable betting sites with a solid presence in the Indian market. As a visitor to India Gamblers, you can compare online betting sites that suit your specific needs, whether it’s a deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, or further bonuses which are often given to regular visitors.

In addition to online gambling bonus comparison and online casino offers in India, we also provide the following: Indian bookmaker reviews, Indian gambling industry news, information about different payment methods, betting promotions, legal updates, and much more.

For your safety, we only promote secure, vetted and trusted Indian online casinos and betting sites. With a solid presence on the Indian market

Our main purpose is to gain your trust and help you on your way to becoming a successful gambler and online betting expert in the Indian market. – If you are ready, let us lead the way

FAQs on Online Gambling in India

Is it legal to gamble online in India?

Yes, it is legal to gamble online in most states in India. However, some territories, such as Maharashtra, have prohibited online gambling.

Which online casino and sports betting site is best for me?

Here at India Gamblers, we give you a wide selection of different online casino betting sites tailored to your specific needs. They have been carefully vetted by our team, so you can always be sure that they are safe to work with.

Is it safe to deposit money with a online gambling site in India?

Yes, it is safe to deposit money with all of the bookmakers on India Gamblers. Make sure to use the links on our site redirecting you to the different betting sites and you are all set.

How do I deposit real money with a online casino betting site in India?

It differs from casino site to casino site; they all have their own unique deposit methods. The most common deposit methods are provided through services like, UPI, Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill, while some even accept local bank transfers.

Do all online casino sites in India offer free bets?

Yes, free bets are a very common promotion on real-money gaming sites in India.

Where can I play online casinos in India?

You can choose any of the online casinos listed at India Gamblers. They have all been vetted by our team and can be trusted to gamble on.

Best Betting Bonus in India

  • Amazing Casino bonus!
  • Mobile friendly!
  • Cool design and easy to use! 
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  • Great for Cricket betting!
  • Accepts deposits in Indian rupees!
  • Great deposit bonus for Sports & Casino!
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  • The casino game selection is excellent
  • Low minimum deposit levels
  • The platform is mobile friendly
  • Support for several cryptocurrencies is provided
  • Complete product portfolio - Casino, Live Casino & Sports
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How you get started with Online Gambling in India

It would be best if you first decided whether to start with online betting or online casino. We have listed the best and most trusted gambling sites on Indiagamblers, and the order is subject to grade. All these online gambling sites are recommended and offer safe and secure gambling services.

Some gambling sites offer really good casino and sports betting bonuses, while others offer a vast selection of casino games. As a first-time bettor, we recommend choosing a bookmaker based on the sign-up and deposit bonuses offered. That will give you the extra headroom needed to increase your likelihood of success, and the good thing is, it doesn’t cost you a thing; it’s free.

All the gambling websites on our top lists will have a great selection of casino games. As well as online betting options for you to choose from.

Most bookmakers also allow bets to be made in rupees and not only in foreign currencies, which makes it more convenient for you, should that be the preferred option.

Let’s get you off on a flying start by choosing a betting site with a grand casino- or sportsbook bonus. 

Which are the most popular online casino games in India?

When you sign up for an online casino in India, you can quickly become overwhelmed. You are normally welcomed by a wide array of different casino games to choose from. But how do you decide which casino game to go to?

Casino Games in India

Ultimately, the answer to that question comes down to your preference. Primarily whether you like table games or slot games. India Gamblers’ casino section takes you on a tour of all the different games. With an emphasis on casino slot games, as they tend to be more popular than others.

India online casino slots typically work the same as any land-based casino. The only difference is that online casino gambling can be played remotely from any location. There are thousands of online casino slot games to choose from in India, with plenty of 5-reel and 7-reel options.

As opposed to the traditional 3-reel slot games mostly seen in land-based casinos. India Gamblers’ online casino section will give you all the information needed to maximize the experience. And it will surely bring you up to speed on how the Indian online casino gambling industry works.

What are the most popular sports to bet on in India?

All India betting sites listed on India Gamblers offer bets on every major sport in the nation. In terms of numbers, cricket is by far the most popular sport to wager on in India. Followed by horse racing, football, field hockey, and kabaddi. We are, just like you, passionate sports betting enthusiasts ready to throw ourselves out there to support our team and bet on our favourite games.

Cricket Betting India

Cricket betting

Cricket is India's most viewed and wagered sport, with millions of supporters and cricket betting experts spread across the nation. It’s the heart and soul of us Indians, and it brings joy and excitement like few other things on the planet – Adding cricket betting on top makes it the ultimate entertainment.

Cricket in India has been played for over 125 years, and the IPL cricket season brings first-class cricket to India, but it still keeps growing bigger every season. In our detailed cricket review, we list all cricket betting sites in India providing cricket odds, cricket betting bonuses, and cricket betting tips

Football betting

While football betting (sometimes also referred to as soccer betting India) is a very popular wager to make in India, it is still behind cricket betting in terms of sports betting volume. Most Indian betting sites offer odds and the ability to bet on both national football as well as on the most popular international football tournaments such as English Premier League and Spanish La Liga.

The Indian Super League, founded in 2013, was quite recently recognized by AFC and FIFA and has grown to become the top domestic football league in India, ahead of I-League. Football betting is here to stay, so check out our football betting section to learn more about football betting tips and football betting bonuses.

Pro Kabaddi betting

Kabaddi dates back to the history of ancient India and grew to become a popular sport to wager on during the 20th century. Pro Kabaddi is a contact sport governed by the International Kabaddi Federation, with Kabaddi World Cup, Asian Games, and Pro Kabaddi League being the most popular ones to wager on.

Most Indian bookmakers provide Pro Kabaddi odds and the ability to bet on your favourite Kabaddi team. Check out our Pro Kabaddi section with deep dives into Kabaddi World Cup news, Pro Kabaddi betting, Kabaddi betting bonuses, and much more.

Horse Race betting

India Horse Race betting is well established and can easily compete with famous horse racing countries like South Africa and the UK. Horse race betting has always been legal, or at least not illegal, in India, as it is seen as a game of skill.

Horse racing in India is restricted to Indian-bred racehorses, which also means India has a well-established breeding industry. For the lucky horse race enthusiasts out there, we are happy to say that all Indian betting sites provide horse racing odds and accept horse racing bets from their customers.

In our Horse race betting section, you will learn more about which operators offer the best horse betting bonuses and odds.

How do I deposit money into my betting account?

Few things are more annoying than not being able to deposit money when the game you intend to bet on is 10 minutes away. We have reviewed all betting sites and their deposit methods for this matter. We have graded them based on speed, service, and deposit options.

Example of Payment Methods for Pure Win India

Here’s a short tutorial on how to get money into your betting account:

  1. Go to Neteller India, Paypal India, Skrill India, or UPI India to create an eWallet account. Having trouble choosing between the different eWallet providers? – we typically recommend our readers use Skrill India when creating an eWallet account for the first time.
  2. Now deposit money into this account – ICICI Bank or Federal Bank should do it.
  3. Go to your eWallet account and transfer money to your betting account

That’s it unless you don’t have access to a bank account. We’ve got you covered, don’t worry. The easiest way to solve the issue is to use a prepaid card instead.

  1. Go to a retailer and buy an AstroPay card.
  2. Pay for the card using mobile money, cash, or bank transfer.
  3. Deposit money into your betting account using your brand-new prepaid card.

You should now be all set to commence your sports betting career. If in doubt, choose a topic in our header menu to learn more – Best of Luck!