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Field Hockey India – the best hockey betting sites in India

Field Hockey match India vs Australia

Similar to that of many other popular sports in India, hockey was born and brought up in England, but grew to become immensely popular in India. For this reason, hockey has over the years developed into becoming the unofficial national sport of India, with millions of dedicated hockey fans spread across the nation. As a result, hockey betting sites in India offer a ton of odds and betting opportunities on field hockey games.

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History of Hockey and hockey betting sites in India

The international field hockey history speaks for itself. Up until today, India is arguably the most successful country in international field hockey. The Indian hockey team stood their ground for a long period and they have managed to collect eight Olympic gold medals. The track record of the Indian hockey teams’ victories is astonishing. Making its mark in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where the Indian hockey team managed to beat Germany by a score of 8-1.

In the same tournament, India was leading by ten goals to none in halftime, when playing against the US. The US captain for some reason complained about the hockey stick used by the Indian field hockey captain Dhyanchand. Subsequently, Dyanchand swapped sticks with the US captain, and in the second half, India scored eleven more goals. In the end, India won by a whopping margin of 21 to 1, which again summarized a great piece of Indian field hockey history.

The legacy of Indian hockey has made hockey the unofficial national sport of India, in a cricket-mad nation. Even though the Indian hockey team is not a match to its past glory days, India is still a hockey powerhouse in the world. Field hockey in India is still thriving and something to count on in the hockey world league. In early 2020, India beat the Netherlands, the 3rd ranked team in the world, by a score of 5-2 in Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneshwar, which is the capital of Indian hockey.

Top field hockey betting sites in India:

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  • Unibet

Indian hockey has a huge fan base across the nation. Partly because of the legacy of Indian hockey, but also because the game is an exciting sport to watch. A hockey game is full of action and is best watched live.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How many players are there on the field in Indian hockey?
In hockey, there will be 11 players from each team on the field at the same time
What are the basic rules of Indian hockey?
Indian hockey rules are very similar to that of football and the team that scores the most goals win the hockey game
Are you allowed to kick the ball in Indian hockey?
No, you are not allowed to touch the ball with any part of your body, unless you’re a goalkeeper
How do you score a goal in Indian hockey?
You have to be relatively close to the goal, situated inside the D in the field hockey court to score a goal
What is the main difference between hockey and ice hockey?
Ice hockey is obviously played on ice, in a small rink with 5 active players and a goalkeeper, while Indian hockey is played on a field with 11 active players
What surface is Indian field hockey played on?
Field hockey is played on either grass or AstroTurf
Where can I watch Indian hockey?
You can either watch it live in a field hockey stadium, or you can watch it on your TV or online
How popular is field hockey?
Hockey is the third most popular and watched sport in the world right after football and cricket
What is a penalty corner in Indian hockey?
People often get confused about the penalty corner and corner in Indian hockey. If any deliberate infringement occurs inside the 23m defensive area in hockey, often called D. A penalty corner is awarded to the attacking team. Penalty corners are taken from marked positions adjacent to the goal post
How long is a hockey match?
A hockey game is 70 minutes long and split into four quarters. There is no extra time added in hockey. When the time is out, the game stops. However, if a penalty corner is to be completed and the time is out, the game will end after the completion of the corner
Can I bet on Hockey?
Hockey is an excellent sport to wager on. Hockey betting is popular and if you are smart enough, Indian hockey truly is a hidden gem in Indian sports betting

Betting on Indian hockey optimizing your hockey odds

When it comes to sports betting, field hockey is somewhat underestimated. If you search for hockey betting sites in India. There is a high likelihood that you might end up on a page relating to ice hockey. Most Indian people are also looking for football betting and cricket betting as opposed to hockey betting. However, for you as a hockey sports bettor, this represents a great opportunity. The one thing you should keep in mind is to compare hockey odds between the different betting sites but still, stick to your favorites. Field hockey odds can differ immensely, and especially so a few days before game start.

Hockey betting on the underdog

The golden rule of hockey betting is to back the underdog. As an example, in 2016 Leicester City had a 1 to 5000 odds on Royal Panda when they triumphed to the crown in the English premier league. Imagine the margin of profit the people who put their stake on Leicester had at that tournament. What we are trying to say is that field hockey betting on sites in India is the underdog of sports betting.

Every football fan you meet on the street is a football expert, but not everyone knows betting. Every cricket fan you see in any part of India can predict the score of a cricket match better than Duckworth and Lewis. But that is not the case with field hockey. Most people know about hockey, but they can’t really read and predict the game. This makes Indian hockey an interesting game to test your betting and prediction skills on.

Field hockey rankings

The FIH ranking system ranks the member countries of the International Hockey Federation based on game results from both competitive and friendly games.

Men’s Top 10 Rankings
Updated 19 February 2020

Rank Country Points
1 Belgium 2524
2 Australia 2383
3 Netherlands 2196
4 Argentina 2094
5 India 2019
6 Germany 1923
7 England 1773
8 New Zealand 1555
9 Spain 1518
10 Canada 1417

The Best betting sites for Hockey Betting in India

Which hockey tournament is best for hockey betting?

Even though field hockey has got a prestigious Hockey World Cup. As well as other renowned tournaments like Champions Trophy, Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, Indian Hockey League, and World hockey league. For hockey teams, the most admired award is still the Olympic medal. Few other major sports still hold such significance to their Olympics medal.

2020 is said to be the Olympics year of field hockey, make sure to bet on it

It is time to start studying hockey thoroughly, in order to excel in your game. Prepare yourself to make the best winning hockey bets of 2020 in Tokyo because it can certainly pay off. 2020 is the year of field hockey, worldwide. There will be so much going on this year, including the FIH hockey pro league, which acts as a qualification for the Olympics and the World cup. There will probably be a major hockey game every other day in 2020, which is great news for hockey fans who simply can’t get enough.

Hockey is also a game where female teams get almost the same amount of attention as their male colleagues. Most of the above-mentioned tournaments also have female versions. Women’s field hockey is very intense and competitive, and the standards women hockey players put themselves through are much higher compared to women’s football or women cricket.

The Best betting site for Hockey World Cup betting

The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is an international invitational men’s field hockey tournament held annually in Malaysia. It is a very prestigious tournament, which began already in 1983 and became an annual event in 1998 as it increased in popularity. The tournament is hosted at the Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh, Perak. Last year India lost the finals against South Korea, but we’re preparing to take back the crown this year. The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is an excellent tournament to try your hockey betting skills on, so let’s up your skillset. Most hockey betting sites in India will follow the games in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, and so should you.

The Best betting site for Sultan Azlan Shah cup betting

In preparation of betting on Indian hockey

Hockey bets you can make on hockey betting sites in India

Hockey Match betting: Like any other sports it is the most common and simple type of bet to make. Here you simply bet on the team that you believe will win the game.
Hockey Point spread: Here you pick the team most likely to win, however, goal margin is also considered. If India is playing against Holland and you wager India as -1 this means India needs to win the game by a margin of two for your wager to count as a win.
Hockey Prop bets: Prop bets are based on special cases, like who scored the first hockey goal, etc.
Fantasy hockey betting: In Fantasy hockey you make fantasy teams including players from all teams and compete against other fantasy players to win money.

Indian hockey betting tips and hockey betting strategies

Betting strategies for hockey betting do not differ much from general betting tips. But people tend to ignore these tips and go with their intuition. However, a handful of people who follows some fundamental strategies make profits in the long run. Here we will look at very basic but valuable strategies that can help you score your first win in field hockey betting.

1) Make a betting strategy for field hockey betting

One thing that makes field hockey betting stand out is the low competition. So if you have a clear betting strategy you should be able to beat the hockey odds.

2) Set aside your biases to improve betting results

It sounds simpler than it is, but it is not as easy as you think. If you set aside your personal opinions and biases, you can outplay many hockey bettors. Stick to what you know and what the statistics tell you.

3) Watch hockey, Love hockey, Learn hockey

Don’t bet on hockey if you don’t know the game. If you are passionate about hockey and can detect the black horses on hockey court, then you are on the right track. Not many favored Argentina winning the Olympic hockey medal, but they did. To find out the underrated teams in field hockey, you have to study the game.