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Sports are what make the world go round, Indian sports make it worth living. We at India Gamblers simply love Indian sports and sports betting. For us, talking about sports betting is like having breakfast; we have it every day, we love it, and it is the most important meal of the day. In this Indian sports section, we list the most popular sports to bet on in India. Cricket betting is an obvious choice, but we currently see Kabaddi Betting and Field Hockey Betting increasing in popularity. If you are new to sports betting we recommend you take the time to read our article about becoming a professional gambler. When you are ready to place your bet, visit one of our betting sites to learn more. Click the “claim bonus” button to get the bonus reward when you open a betting account with one of the betting sites.

What signifies popular Indian sports?

Naturally, any sport involving snow or ice is not going to be very popular with us Indians. We appreciate good weather, teamwork, close combat, and hard work. All of the most popular Indian sports include the aforementioned ingredients. We at India Gamblers will try to do our utmost to guide our readers through the jungle of Indian sports. Update you on recent events, how to think when you’re ready to bet and also keep you posted on all the latest betting promotions. Betting sites like for example LeoVegas will on a regular basis offer targeted betting promotions on different sports. Our job is to keep an eye out and always fill you in on the most recent offers.

Kabaddi goes back since the dawn of ages and has grown to become immensely popular. Few other team sports are as physical and as demanding as Kabaddi. The same thing goes for Indian Field Hockey, which is also starting to grow internationally. Cricket and Football origins in England, but is still very close to the hearts of us Indians. Let’s get you going – read more about Sports by clicking the “read more” buttons below.

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