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Best Online Badminton Betting in India

Indian badminton is one of the most widely played sports in all of India, only second to cricket. We have managed to produce a lot of fantastic Indian badminton players over the years. Fueled by its simplicity, commercialization, and sports betting ease, badminton is growing bigger every year. The sport is governed by the badminton association of India (BAI), which is registered under the societies’ act. The Indian badminton association was formed in the 1930s and have been hosting Indian tournaments since 1936.

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History of Badminton

The modern version of badminton originates from India during the mid-1800s. English officers and soldiers stationed in Pune India spent their free time playing badminton. The sport hasn’t changed much since then, apart from some minor rule adjustments. For example, back then the sport was most often played outdoor. They, therefore, alternated between a feather ball and a ball made out of wool, depending on weather conditions. Back then there were also no, or very few, alternatives to bet on badminton. However, today badminton betting is becoming increasingly popular.

The origin of badminton dates back several thousand years. Evidently the game started in China and was played without racket or shuttlecock. Instead, they used their hands and feet to keep a feather ball in the air. It was later spread to India, Japan and other countries in Asia. Wooden bats were introduced in the 1500s, which later turned into rackets with strings.

Badmintonis played all over the world today. We as Indians should be proud of the legacyand our position in the history of badminton.


Which is the best Indian badminton player of all time?
The badminton player Saina Nehwal is one of the greatest athletes and sports icons in India. She was the first professional Indian badminton player to win an Olympic medal.
Where can I place bets on badminton?
Here at India Gamblers we list all betting sites that accept bets on Indian badminton.
Is real money betting on badminton legal in India?
Yes, it is perfectly legal with badminton betting in India.
What kind of feathers are used in a shuttlecock?
The shuttlecock cork base is covered with 16 duck feathers or goose feathers, depending on quality.

Badminton Rules

If you know tennis, then badminton rules are relatively intuitive and easy to understand. Badminton is a sport normally played indoor, with between two and four players on the court at the same time. You either play badminton single or double, i.e. one vs. one or two vs. two.

Badminton is a racket game played with a wooden, graphite or steel frame racket with nylon strings. Nowadays badminton players prefer to play with light balanced rackets made out of graphite. While back in the day’s wooden rackets were the preferred (and only) option, graphite is the most popular material today.

The universal badminton game rules have been determined by the Badminton World Federation. During the game, a ball, with 16 feathers that weigh about 5 grams, is struck using a badminton racket. The ball must always be in the air. If the opponent misses the ball or cannot return it to your side of the court, you win the point. In order to score a point, the ball has to land on the floor on the opponent’s courtside. If one hits the ball in the net or outside the boundaries, the point is lost. Each set is played to 21, with the requirement of at least a two ball lead up to 30 points.

The best Indian badminton players of all time

India Gamblers list the best Indian badminton players of all time, male and female. Here is our objective list.

  • Saina Nehwal
  • PV Sindhu
  • Prakash Padukone
  • Pullela Gopichand
  • Aparna Popat
  • Jwala Gutta
  • Nandu Natekar
  • Anup Sridhar
  • Chetan Anand
  • Syed Modi

The Best Badminton Betting Site

All betting sites listed on India Gamblers provide badminton odds and bets. If you are looking for simple bets and straight forward and pretty equal odds you can choose any of the betting sites. However, if you are looking for a wide range of different odds on different games and players. Then you should definitely go for Bet365. Bet365 is one of the largest sports betting sites globally, and they really man up to it. Check out the badminton betting odds at Bet365 to get the best range available on the market. They also offer great welcome bonuses to new players, click the claim bonus button below to learn more.

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Badminton Live Betting Online

Nowadays you always have the option to watch badminton live online. Whether its a badminton tournament, the badminton world cup or any other badminton event. You can be sure that the major sports channels and media houses will broadcast the games live. However, what they cannot offer is live betting. If you are eager to watch the game live and at the same time live bet, there are ways to solve that. You either watch badminton live on your TV while betting online with one of the betting sites. But there is a second option. Many of the large international betting sites present on the Indian market offer badminton live games on their platforms.

If you choose Bet365 they will offer you the best out of two worlds. Bet365 has the most extensive offering when it comes to badminton live betting on the market. While at the same time showing most of the major sports events live on their platforms. If you should pick one bookmaker to partner up with, it should be Bet365.

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International Badminton Tournaments

For badminton players active on a professional level there are a vast amount of tournaments available. All BWF tournaments are divided into 8 levels, where individual rankings will determine how the badminton players are sorted. The largest international badminton tournaments, which are also open for betting, are as follows:

  • Badminton as part of the Olympic games which is played every 4th year.
  • All England Championship is a tournament played every year in Birmingham. Until 1977 the tournament was regarded as the unofficial world championship tournament.
  • The official badminton world championship, which has been organised by the BWF since 1977. In the beginning, the tournament was only played every third year, but since 1985 it is played every year.
  • The European Championship, which is played on even years.
  • Sudirman Cup, which is a mixed male-female tournament.
  • Uber Cup which is a tournament held since 1957 for the female national teams.
  • Thomas Cup, which is a tournament for the male national teams.