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Best Pro Kabaddi Betting sites in India

Indian Kabaddi game

Originated in Tamilnadu, Kabaddi has been around for as long as people can remember and is now more popular than ever before. Kabaddi is played on clay courts on daytime or under tube lights at nights in front of an exciting cheerful crowd.

Kabaddi players are considered village heroes. They were and still are a symbol of admirable masculinity among villagers. Even though Kabaddi players always enjoyed stardom, they were never earning much from the games, which has fortunately changed quite recently.

Thanks to the commercialization of Kabaddi and Pro Kabaddi betting sites in India.

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History of Kabaddi and Kabaddi betting sites in India

Many Indians would still be amazed by the fact that Kabaddi was once played in an Olympic game. However, the Kabaddi game that took play in the Berlin Olympics 1936 was an exhibition game. So, India couldn’t add one more gold to their precious tally of nine golds they already had. The sport was demonstrated by Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal who is from Maharashtra. Maharashtra may be famous for producing the elite cream of Indian cricketers; however, their state game is Kabaddi.

Unlike cricket which was born and brought up in England but nourished in India. Or hockey, which was modernized by England but regarded an unofficial national game of India. Kabaddi is a game origin entirely from India. The sport Kabaddi is also popular in the Indian subcontinent and Kabaddi is the national sports of Bangladesh. 

Kabaddi Questions and Answers

How many players are there in a Kabaddi team?
A Kabaddi team consist of seven Kabaddi players
What kind of tackling techniques are used in Kabaddi?
Back hold, pushing the raider out of the court and ankle hold are the most common tackling techniques
Is it possible to watch Kabaddi live?
Yes, most betting sites offer Kabaddi live streaming online
Can I place bets on Pro Kabaddi games online?
Yes, most betting sites available on India Gamblers offer Kabaddi odds and Kabaddi betting

Best Pro Kabaddi betting bonus and promotion

Besides competitive odds and a variety of events to bet on, you should make sure that the betting site of your choice offers Kabaddi betting bonuses. By utilizing promotions and bonuses at several different Kabaddi sportsbooks. You can stay afloat and probably leave with a profit if you use your betting bonuses wisely. India Gamblers constantly update and compare different betting bonus offers and betting promotions. To help our readers stay on top of the game. The best promotion available on the Indian market today is provided by Dafabet.

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Pro Kabaddi Betting sites in India

Kabadi is watched by more than 100 million people worldwide, making it a very big sport to watch and to wager on. Indians love Kabadi and few other things make a Kabaddi game more exciting than putting some money on your favorite team to win. If your team wins, you’ll be as cheerful as the members of the Pro Kabaddi team, and if they don’t, you’d simply have to get back up on the horse to place your next Pro Kabaddi bet. It is your skill, knowledge, strategy and a bit of luck that determines whether you will win or lose your bet.

Betting on Pro Kabaddi is like a Kabaddi raid. It is a calculated risk, just like the Pro kabaddi raider has got many options, such as kicking, hand touching and escaping from the tackles, there are various options for betting on Pro Kabaddi as well. All betting sites on India Gamblers offer bets to be made on Super Kabaddi League and on the Kabaddi World Cup.

Pro Kabaddi Betting tips

There are five simple rules for winning your Pro Kabaddi Indiabet or your bets on Super Kabaddi Leagues. The first rule is to study Kabaddi. The Second rule is to study Kabaddi. The third rule is also to study Kabaddi.

To be a successful Kabaddi sports bettor you need to be very good at forecasting the game results or finding the hidden gem players. To do that you need to study the game very hard. The fourth rule is to make a winning betting strategy. Every successful Kabaddi sports bettor has got their betting strategies set in stone. To back the underdog team is a good betting strategy, finding the underrated Pro Kabaddi player is another strategy, betting on Pro Kabaddi all-rounders is also a common strategy since they always give points in some form or another. This list goes on with match results, cards, number of targets, score line, half-time scoreline and so on.

As you can see there are endless possibilities of what you can bet on in Pro Kabaddi, almost making Pro Kabaddi betting tips a subjective opinion. You can add to this list by discovering patterns in India bet Pro Kabaddi games. And the final rule is to have some luck on your side. But if you manage to check the first four boxes, then the luck will also be on your side. As a common say, to win the lottery you have to enter the lottery. Many of the betting sites promote starting bonuses as well. On India Gamblers, we have listed the most popular kabaddi betting sites in India, such as 1xbet, Dafabet, Royal Panda and 10cric. If you would like to learn more about the different Kabaddi betting sites, please check out our complete betting site reviews.

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Best Kabaddi Betting sites in India

If we for a second set aside the numerical and qualitative ROI aspects of sports betting Kabaddi, and instead focus on the services that the betting sites offer. Good odds and good betting bonuses set the foundation of successful sports betting, while Kabaddi live betting, Kabaddi live streaming and mobile betting enhance the overall experience.

Pro Kabaddi Live betting sites in India

Kabaddi live betting will improve the likelihood of earning a profit on your Kabaddi bets. During live betting the Kabaddi odds will constantly change, giving you the opportunity to adapt to the gameplay, whether you are on a winning streak or on a losing streak. Kabaddi live betting also adds another layer of excitement when you know how the game is progressing, as you can be very strategic in your decision making, allowing you to pivot. Our top pick for the best Kabaddi live betting experience is 1xBet.

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Pro Kabaddi Live Streaming

Almost all betting sites offer live streaming online, whether it’s on a small frame-in-frame or full screen, you can watch games live on your computer or on your smartphone. Kabaddi live streaming online can, however, be hard to come by, due to the distribution of broadcasting rights in India. Some International betting sites occasionally offer Kabaddi live streaming, so you should keep an eye out for Kabaddi live streaming news. On India Gamblers we will keep you up to date on what’s going on, and our best live streaming betting site is 10cric.

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Pro Kabaddi Rules

If your looking to learn more about Pro Kabaddi rules, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s enter the Pro Kabaddi court – learn how the game is played

The majority of people in India know Pro Kabaddi well and it’s a much easier game to understand than for example cricket. In other words, you don’t have to be a Pro Kabaddi expert or a Pro Kabaddi wizard to appreciate the game. If you watch one or two Pro Kabaddi matches, you will already have a basic idea of some Kabaddi rules and regulations. At least you might understand the meaning of the chanting “Kabaddi, Kabaddi” which takes place throughout Pro Kabaddi games.

However, to claim yourself to be a true Pro Kabaddi fan, you should at least know the following basics.

Pro Kabaddi players and Pro Kabaddi raider

A Pro Kabaddi team consists of seven players. The Kabaddi court is divided into two halves. The objective of the game is to enter the opposite court and tagging as many players as possible. A Kabaddi raider can tag the opposite team in several ways, a hand touch, a kick or when he successfully manages to escape the tackle of the opponents. This is called a Pro Kabaddi raid and the player who was sent for a raid is called the raider. The opposite team can tackle the Kabaddi raider. If the Pro Kabaddi raider is caught by the opponents, they win the points. Otherwise, the raiding Kabaddi team wins the Kabaddi score points. 

The player who was sent for a raid is called the raider

A Pro Kabaddi raid itself is like calculated gambling. Raiders can tag as many players as they want. Then the raiding team gets more points. But being greedy can make the raider more vulnerable to the defenders of the opposition. The raiders are supposed to chant “Kabaddi, Kabaddi ” when they are in the opponent court. If they fail to do so, the opposite team gets the points.

The raiders can get back to their court without earning a point or losing point if they touch a baulk line in the opposite court and return to their courts. The defenders try to prevent the raiders from reaching the midline, by different kinds of tackling such as ankle hold, back hold or pushing the raider out of the court entirely. Defenders usually get charged once their teammates are tagged by the raider. The fight between defenders and raiders certainly makes Kabaddi a game worth watching. Interestingly this does not involve any physical attacks, which could be considered a foul.

Kabaddi all-out and all-rounders

Allrounders can do the job of both Kabaddi raiders and Kabaddi defenders. Similar to cricket allrounders they are very valuable assets for Pro Kabaddi teams. Each team gets alternative chances for Kabaddi raids. The tagged players cannot enter the Kabaddi ground until the next round of the game. It is an “all-out” if a team manages to make their entire opposition out of the Kabaddi court through their raids. In such cases, the raiding team scores a bonus all-out points which is worth two points.

How long is a Kabaddi match

A Pro Kabaddi match lasts for 40 minutes, divided into two 20 minutes halves. Each 20 minutes halves are then again divided into 5-minute sessions. And every time a raider scores he can revive that many players of his team adding more strength to the Kabaddi team. And possibly preventing the team to suffer an all-out, and the Kabaddi match can continue.

Kabaddi Vs Pro Kabaddi

What is the difference between Kabaddi and Pro Kabaddi?

Pro Kabaddi was introduced in 2014 by modeling the Indian premier league of cricket that made many Kabaddi players in India millionaires overnight. In India, all games were a bit envious about the success of the IPL and every game made their versions of professional leagues modeling IPL. However, Pro Kabaddi went a bit ahead, it even challenged its elder brother in some parts of India on popularity. It is starting to gain popularity outside India because every Pro Kabaddi team must play a foreign team. There are strong players from Iran, South Korea, Japan and Thailand playing in Pro Kabaddi league.

Pro Kabaddi even helped to increase the popularity of the Kabaddi World Cup. Many people might not have been aware of the Kabaddi world cup before they started watching it. Even though it started in 2004, the 2016 edition of the Kabaddi world cup made much public attention, Kabaddi began its journey as a global sport. The 2020 edition is going to take place in Dubai and there is no better place to get global attention. The 2019 Kabaddi world cup crowned India as champion. 

International Kabaddi setback

India suffered its first defeat to a vibrant, inspired South Korea in 2018 Incheon Asian games. And the story did not end there. They lost the semi-final to a mightier Iran more convincingly with a score-line of 27-18. Iran went on to win the Asian Games Kabaddi medal ending the 28-year run of Indian authority.

The setbacks India had recently in the International arena might have broken some die-hard Kabaddi fans. But it is more a good reason to enjoy rather than being sad. It shows Kabaddi has started to grow in Asia, the victories of South Korea and Iran boost Kabaddi in the respective countries. Countries including the UK, the US, Australia, Kenya, Argentina also played the Kabaddi World Cup. It is getting popular among locals in countries like Poland who was also part of the World Cup. They won the recent European championship held in Glasgow defeating the Netherlands. Thus, Kabadi is starting to roam into unexplored areas. It is the right time to make a bet on other countries like Iran, Korea, Thailand maybe even to Poland.

Fantasy Pro Kabbadi Games vs. Pro Kabbadi Betting

Fantasy sports were there in India two decades ago. However, it exploded recently after the introduction of android devices and the 4g revolution. Like everything else, it started with Cricket, but Pro Kabbadi is there as the second most popular fantasy sport in India. Fantasy India bet Kabaddi is a merge of skill and luck. Even though Fantasy Kabaddi is considered being a skill-based game in India.

What makes Pro Kabaddi betting sites in India so special for real money Pro Kabbadi players? It is still in its early stage and there is a huge scope to win money. Those people who are knowledgeable about Kabaddi may not be good at the features of fantasy sports or betting. And those who are good fantasy players or bettors in games like Cricket may not have an in-depth understanding of Pro Kabaddi. If you spend some learning time and manage to be a Pro Kabaddi expert and learn the rules of sports betting, then you could be part of a rare breed. You will instantly start winning in your Pro Kabaddi betting raids. There are people in India who make a living by playing Kabaddi fantasy sports and skill-based real money Kabaddi betting.

Kabaddi Fantasy Games and where you can play Fantasy Kabaddi

Us at India Gamblers are dedicated real money sports bettors. Here are the most basic rules for those more into fantasy sports: You should make a fantasy team from the two teams playing the game. It is best practice to set aside personal biases while putting together fantasy Kabaddi teams. In your fantasy Kabaddi teams, your captain scores double the points and vice-captain scores 1.5 of the points. But you could end up having credit issues selecting the best players. The goal is to select the best team within the credit limits and score most points. If you manage to do so you win the Pro Kabaddi fantasy game.

There is a plethora of platforms for playing Pro Kabaddi fantasy games. You might have heard about dream11, they are the official partner of Pro Kabaddi. Myteam11, Halaplay, Playfuntasy, fantain, fan fight, playersport, howzat, etc are other popular platforms.