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In-Play Betting

In-Play Betting

In play betting or live betting is one of the most popular ways and widely considered as the most fun way of betting on sports. In-play bets are exactly what they sound like, bets that are placed while an event is live and in-play.

In this article, we will cover the following topics and questions on in-play betting. 

  • Which bookmakers in India have the best live betting product?
  • What is in play betting?
  • What sports are best for in-play betting?
  • Great live betting related features.
  • Basic in-play betting strategies.
  • Are there any live betting bonuses promotions in India?

Betting sites with the best in-play product

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Understanding live betting

In-play betting was introduced in the sports betting world in the late 1990s but it took another 5-10 years before it became a standard option at betting sites. Nowadays almost all sports markets with the pre-game betting offer also offer live betting. Live betting is a much faster way of betting compared to traditional online betting where you place bets before the event starts. Live odds are updated by the minute and for some sports even by the minute. The decision making process when placing in-play bets is very short so it is important to keep a cool head and make sure your bets are based on more than just gut feeling. 

Best sports for in-play betting

The best sport for live betting is the sport you personally prefer to watch and follow but some sports have come to become more popular than others for live betting. 

Cricket is the most wagered sports in India for in-play betting (and every form of betting). With a large number of betting markets on cricket, live betting tends to be perfect for this sport. Most popular bets are Fall of Next Wicket and Session Runs. 

Football is second in terms of the number of in-play bets and the best bookmakers offer a huge array of markets to bet on. Next throw-in, next free-kick, next goalscorer, next team to score etc.

Tennis is the sport where the percentage of all bets are made in-play is the highest. Its unique counting system calls for the perfect live betting experience. Few (if any) other sport offers the same thrill as when betting on live tennis. A few points playa crucial part in the outcome of the game and the odds will move faster in tennis than for any other sport. Therefore tennis has become one of the favorite sports for professional live betting gamblers.

Live Betting Features

The most important aspect of a live betting service is a fast product, a large number of sports events to bet on, and a good number of betting markets on those events. On top of this there are a few features that are nice additions to enhance the in-play betting experience. 

Cash-out function is a great feature and gives you the chance to settle bets live at any time in the event. The cash-out feature is used for pre-game bets but is mostly done while the event is in-play. An example of this could be that you have placed a 5 game multiple bet. 4 of the bets are settled and you are one win away from hitting a big win. Halfway into the game, you now have 5 out of 5 games correct and you then decide to cash-out. 

The downside with “cashing-out” is that the amount will naturally be lower than if you would have waited until the end of the game but on the upper hand it guarantees the win. 

Live streaming is adding an extra flavor to in-play betting and watching the games is essential if you want to become a successful in-play punter. In-play betting is all about identifying small details and see trends in a game that is hard unless you see the action unfold in front of you. The largest and top betting sites offer a broad option of live-streamed sports events. 

Basic In-Play Betting Strategies

Bet the teams and players you know: The more you know about a team or player the more insights you will have before the game starts. This knowledge will help you see details and small changes in a team or player that most other punters will not notice. Having more knowledge than most other live bettors you can check for momentum swings in a game and find great value bets before the odds have adjusted to the markets betting pattern.

Bet on well-established large betting sites with a larger offering of live betting events and markets. Smaller betting sites will not give you enough action so stick to a well established betting site.

Bet with your head and place bets based rational decision making. Live betting is fast and can sometimes be stressful. Making decisions in a stressful situation often leads to poor judgement and for betting that means, losing money. Make a plan before the event starts and act based on your initial ideas and adapt as the game goes. Try to stay one step ahead and you will notice that both lost and won bets are well thought through and you’ve done everything in your power to maximize your return on investment.

Avoid the biggest sports events as these events will be highly competitive to find any value bets. The odds movement on the larger sports events are almost impossible to stay ahead and if you want to make good money on live betting we recommend you to find smaller and niched events but rule one, to know the teams and players shall not be lost.

Bonuses and Promotions

A great way to get started with live betting is to get a in play free bet bonus or taking part of a promotion. Sports betting sites are keen on getting their customers engaged and in play betting is the ultimate engagement format. Therefore you will see a lot of bonuses and promotions for live betting. Check our News and Promotions section for the latest bonuses and promotions.


What is live betting?
Live betting is a bet which you place while the event is in play.
Why choose live betting?
Live betting has two massive added values to betting. 1st, it adds an extra flavor to watching sports and 2nd it is a great way to to be a successful sports bettor.