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Comparing Betting Bonuses in India and the US

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Legal Online Sports betting in India and the US is relatively new. The markets are growing rapidly and the USA is expected to become the global leader for online sports betting and online gambling. The Indian market is estimated to reach close to 150 billion rupees (≈2 billion USD), the US market 135 billion USD, and the global market at $370 billion by 2022. 

This makes India a small player in terms of gambling turnover but it also indicates that there is a huge space for online sports betting operators to grow. One of the main differences between the US and India is the legality aspect. US is a license market where state by state open up for legal sports betting and online casinos. The Indian sports betting landscape is not officially legal and approved by the authorities but as long as offered from a platform outside India not considered illegal. 

But what we found the most interesting is not the size of the US or India gambling market. It's some of the offers that are up for grabs for US customers compared to what the online betting sites are offering in India. 

Betting offers in India

Scraping through the betting bonuses offered in India we see a lot of offers at 100% bonuses up to 1K, 5K, and sometimes up to 10K INR. 

Betting Site Bonus
LeoVegas 10,000 INR
Casumo 3,000 INR
Bet365 4,000 INR

US Bonus Offers

So comparing the most attractive offers in India to the top offers on the US market there is a huge discrepancy and value. These offers range from 500 USD (≈37K INR), 1000 USD, (≈75K INR) and Caesars Sportsbook has taken this one step further and is offering a 5000 USD (≈ 370,000 INR!!!) welcome bonus. To learn more about these mind-blowing US sports bonuses and promos, check out USsportsbonus Caesars Sportsbook review, which will give you a good market insight.

Will any betting site in India ever be able to match or get close to this type of bonus offer? Would a legal betting market facilitate better customer offer as more money would flow into a market that is long-term and secure? Legalizing sports betting would also protect the customers more as only legal sports betting operators would be able to offer their services in India. 

Time will tell in what direction the Indian sports betting market is going but comparing the customer bonus offers with what we have found in the US, it's obvious that Indian betting sites could do better and upped their offers. If you are keen on exploring the US market more, is also a great go-to place for sports wagering information. 

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