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Want to get cricket betting tips and predictions in real time directly to your phone? Join our cricket betting telegram channel and get all the latest betting tips and news for the IPL, Test & T20 Series and the globally so popular ICC T20 World Cup. Whenever there is a cricket game with betting value your will find the best bet available in the Indiagamblers Cricket Betting Telegram Channel. 

Joining the group is of course 100% free and you are welcome to invite friends and share valuable information to other group members. When joining the group you will get access to: 

Facts about the Cricket Telegram Channel
Year Started 2021
Average number of weekly cricket predictions 10
Average number of weekly cricket betting promotions 2

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IPL Telegram Channel Predictions

IPL is the most favored league to bet on within our telegram group and therefore IPL will be get full attention once the season is up and running. The 2022 IPL is currently schedule for 2 April 2022 and 3 June 2022. Indiagamblers have offered free IPL betting predictions for a couple of years now with a tremendous track record.

Our experts are sharing useful insights for any of the IPL teams,  Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad.  With two new teams added into 2020 - Ahmedabad and Lucknow there will even more cricket betting action in the Cricket Telegram Channel. 

Cricket Betting Promotions

Betting with experts predictions is always smart but combining those predictions with the best cricket bonuses and promotions is even smarter. In the Telegram Channel you will get offered bonuses and promotions that are great to use for IPL betting. 

What Members say about the Channel

We have a lot of very happy channel followers and contributors and we are truly thankful all the kid words that have been said about our Telegram Cricket channel.

Best Cricket Channel om Telegram, no doubt about it - Ram 

Getting promotions delivered in real time to your phone is priceless - Sanjay

Betting with accurate and well analysed cricket predictions makes everyting sio much easier - Nasir Singh

Our aim is to please as many of our followers are possible and in case you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve our Telegram channel services please share your comments with us in the channel. 

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Why should I join Indiagamblers Cricket Telegram Channel?

Simply because you will get access to a whole lot of free cricket betting predictions and IPL promotions. On top of this you will be part of a community with some of the brightest cricket epxerts and fans in India. 

What type of information will I get in the Cricket Telegram Channel?

Everything related to cricket and the IPL, T20 etc. News that are important for betting, betting tips and analysis and lastly a range of nice betting promotions that you can for example use when betting on your favorie IPL team.