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Free Indian Horse Racing Tips

 free indian horse racing tips

Horse Racing Tips India

Horse racing is not new in India, having been around since 1777. The first racecourse was set up in Chennai, erstwhile the city of Madras. Today there are a total of nine race tracks managed by six distinct authorities. Races are conducted by horses of Indian bred. The county has a breeding industry that is well established.

Stallions are imported from different parts of the world. The betting industry here includes traditional bookmakers as well as pool betting. There are five classic races that are run in India. These consist of the 1000 and the 2000 Guineas which are on during the month of December.

If you wish to bet on the racing excitement - get free Indian horse racing tips on online horse race betting in India at our website.

Horse Racing Tips May 03 2022


Horse Tips

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Best Horse Racing Tips In India

You will find Indian horse race tips for free at our expert gambling domain. December is the month of horseracing in India. Races are scheduled across the elite clubs of India. These include races that take place in the Delhi Race Club, Mysore Race Club, Royal Calcutta Turf Club, Hyderabad Race Club, Bangalore Turf Club, and the Mumbai Royal Western India Turf Club.

Our expert free Indian horse racing tips will include an update of the races scheduled. You will find facts about the different horses, their past performances, pairing with jockeys, and the significance of the same on the results. 

With our expert free Indian horse racing tips you can make informed decisions for your bets. We will also offer you guidance on the kind of bets to opt for the different races, the odds for each. Hence, you are fully equipped with the right expectations from the horse racing bets. Experts urge you to bet as per your risk appetite and budget preference.

Indian Derby 

The penultimate horse race of India is the Indian Derby, held on the first Sunday of the month of February every year. It is the annual race of thoroughbred horses. The race runs across 2400 meters. It is held at the Mumbai Mahalaxmi racecourse.

This premier event is modelled after the Epsom Derby which runs at Epsom Downs Racecourse in the country of England. In India McDowell, Indian Derby has United Breweries as the sponsor since the year 1984.

It is considered a premier sporting activity that has the highest prize money for any single sporting game in the country. Hence if you wish to witness the premier event and place bets on it, the best way to do so is through our site and get free Indian horse racing tips . Our experts guide you on the right choice of India race tips  and provide accurate analyses and predictions for the races .

The Past Indian Derby Winners

The following were the Great Indian Derby winners over the last seven years:

Date of Race

Horse name

Jockey name



Suraj Narredu


War Hammer

Suraj Narredu


Star Superior

Suraj Narredu



CS Jodha


Hall of Farmer

David Allan


Desert God

David Allan


Be Safe

Suraj Narredu



Y.S. Srinath

Horse Racing Picks and Predictions

We will offer helpful free Indian horse racing tips including the picks we recommend for upcoming races. For those who wish to research and make their own betting decisions we will provide information on the following:

  • How to choose odds?
  • Use the different bet kinds to your advantage.
  • Deliberately expand the number of runs that you bet on.

The above factors will help every bettor make an informed decision and increase their chances of getting a higher payout overall. We also include racing forms or form guides that hold helpful statistics. These provide information on upcoming races as well as on the horses that will compete. You will have all the necessary information to make an informed choice with our free Indian horse racing tips.

Indian Race Odds

For those who are new to horse racing tips India , familiarity with certain terms and their meanings are important. For instance, if a horse is listed at 7-2 odds in our get free Indian horse racing tips you may not understand what it means and how it can help you place bets.

Indian race odds are returns that you can expect if the horse you back in a race is successful. For instance, if odds are shown in form 7-2 or 5-1 it means the ratio between the amount you invest and the profit you can expect to make. For the odd of 7-2, it means that for every Rs 2 you invest you get Rs 7 in profit. Hence, the total return will be Rs 9. In the case of 5-1, you will get Rs 5 as a profit when you invest Rs 1. Total return with profit would be Rs 6.

In certain cases, you can get even money odds or 1:1. It means, for every Rs 2 you invest, you can expect a profit of Rs 2. Hence, the total return would be Rs 4.

Odds are also part of the fixed system or the Parimutuel system. In the former, the payout for winning bets is decided at the time when the bet is placed and does not change. Parimutuel, on the other hand, is a betting pool where the payout is decided only when the betting pool is closed.

Today India Race Tips

We will provide a dedicated section for tips on Indian horse racing live . These will include race cards for the upcoming races. In a race card, you get information on the past races every horse has run as well as comments on the runners, our final verdict and betting forecast for a race. The race cards also include star ratings, colours which help you to identify the horses better. 

This section on getting free Indian horse racing tips will include stats and race hints. You can check out this helpful section on your mobile as well. Our mobile-friendly website will help you stay updated on the latest odds on upcoming races. If you are out and about, simply log in at our website on the go. You can stay up to date with the latest action about the live races and results that we will post in this section.

Our team of experts will provide free tips on today horse race tips in India . We will also have premier live TV services available. That helps you to watch the races live and on the go. You will be able to avail of the daily get free Indian horse racing tips at the same time and place bets on the go. You will be able choose to get alerts and notifications. This can provide you information about upcoming races or when your favorite horses are about to run. 

Upcoming Horse Race in India

December to February is the time when you can watch your favorite horses and jockeys in action on the different Indian racecourses. There is action lined up most days of every week during this period. Stay tuned to this section on our website where we will list the upcoming horse race in India .

You will be able look up betting strategies, forecasts, and analyses of our experts of the horses, the performance of jockeys, turf, and weather conditions. All these factors or get free Indian horse racing tips play a vital role for the races. At the same time, you can get to know the best odds for the upcoming races as well such as Bangalore race odds.

How to Bet on Horse Racing?

There are two broad categories of bets to choose from. The first category is straight wagers where you simply pick a horse and the position it would come in. These are cheap to op for as well. The second category is placing multiple bets on several horses, all included in a single wager. We provide easy step by step guidance and get free Indian horse racing tips for our members to place bets in either category.

How to Bet on Horse Racing Online?

The process of betting on horse races online is the same as doing it on the race tracks. The difference is that you can do so at your pace, time, and understanding. On our site, you will find different bet options and expert Indian horse race tips on how to use them to increase your chances of payouts and profits.

How to Win in the Horse Racing System?

There are different horse racing systems that experienced punters use. At our site, we provide you get free Indian horse racing tips on the right system that would work for certain races. You can also explore the different betting odds and statistical lay before every race to make an informed decision yourself.

What Are the Best Bets to Make?

Among bet types, ‘Show’ is the best type which gives the highest chance to a win in most cases. A second bet type is a ‘Place’ whose win probabilities are good. ‘Win’ is the bet type that gives punter average chances of winning.

What Is Considered the Safest Bet in Horse Races?

Place and Win bets are considered the safest. That is because they help double the chances of your success.

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