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Lotto India

Lotto India

Lotto India is an online national lottery in India. The online Lotto India is available for people all over the world and draws are being held two times a week. India is the largest online Indian lottery and, in opposition to the regular Indian state lotteries, it is not restricted by state lines. In this article, you will, primarily, find answers to the following four questions:

  • Where to best play online lottery in India?
  • How does Lotto India work?
  • Where can I find online Lotto India results and lottery tickets?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of Lotto India?

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Online Lotto India

Back in the late 1960s, the Indian government decided to ban all private lotteries in order to stop a, at the time, rather shady business. Instead, government-run lotteries were formed in order to secure a fair and sound gambling establishment. 

Today, thirteen Indian states are running their own lotteries conducted by the local state’s governments. However, most of these lotteries are based on physical lottery tickets sold by authorized retailers, which are limited by state lines and only available for citizens in the state were lottery is being held.

Lotto India stands out as the biggest online lottery in India and since it is an online-based lottery it is available for Indian people in all states of India – but also all over the world. The online Lotto India offers two draws a week and at times Bumper draws with huge jackpot prizes. Tickets are easily accessible online on the official Lotto India website, but cannot be bought from retailers.

Lotto India follows the same rules and regulations as all other state lotteries in India with the exception that it is available everywhere.

Lotto India Mechanics

The lotto lottery India is being held two times a week. The draws take place at 5.00 PM (IST) every Tuesday and Thursday. If you match all six numbers and the joker ball you will win 4.26 crore rupees.

Occasionally, Lotto India also conducts Bumper draws where you may win even bigger jackpot prizes. At the special Bumper draws you may win as much as 42.61 crore rupees if you are the only player to match all six numbers plus the joker ball.

Considering the big prize money and the accessibility that Lotto India is offering it is not hard to see why it is a hugely popular game played by, mostly, Indian people all over the world. Tickets cost about 40 rupees per entry and the ticket price is the same even if it is a Bumper draw, which means it is affordable for most people to participate.  

How to play Lotto India

The online Lotto India is holding draws on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week of the year and it is up to you to decide which draw you wish to participate in. In order to play you have to buy your ticket online and then pick your numbers. When picking your numbers you have to select six numbers between one and fifty and one joker number between one and five. If you match all seven numbers including the joker ball you will win the jackpot.

This is how-to play Lotto India in three simple steps:

  1. Go to the official online website to register and buy a ticket
  2. Pick six number and one joker number
  3. Await the next draw and the results will be presented shortly after.

In the regular weekly draws there is a winning prize of 4.26 crore rupees and in the Bumper draws it is 42.61 crore rupees. If you match between two and six numbers, you will win a fixed price of 42.61 rupees. If you match the joker ball you will win a free bet on any future Lotto India draw.

If you win a fixed prize you will receive a notification directly after the draw and then you will be credited to your online lottery account soon after. If winning the jackpot a Lotto India agent will give you a phone call shortly after the draw so make sure you have the correct phone number information connected to your account. You will be asked to provide some necessary information such as age, address, and passport, and when done the money will be wired to your bank account within less than four weeks.

Lotto India Bumper Draws

There are no certain dates when the Lotto India Bumper draws always occur, but dates are announced well in advance. A Lotto India Bumper draw is basically the same as a regular draw, except that the winning jackpot prize is much bigger.

A ticket to a Bumper draw costs 42.66 rupees per entry, which is the same as a regular ticket.

A ticket to a Bumper draw costs 42.66 rupees per entry, which is the same as a regular ticket. As the normal weekly draws you pick six numbers from one to fifty and a joker number between one to five.

In a standard Lotto India draw you may win 4.26 crore rupees, but if you are the only player to match all numbers in a Bumper draw you will take home 42.61 crore rupees. If there is more than one person matching all seven numbers the prize amount will be divided between the winners.

When playing Lotto India the winner almost takes it all. But if you match between two and five numbers, you will win a fixed price of 42.61 rupees and if you match the joker ball you will win a free bet on a future draw, which is the same second prize in the Bumper draws as in the regular draws. 

Lotto India – benefits and drawbacks

Lotto India is an exciting game that unites Indian people in all states and in all continents of the world. In opposite to the regular state lotteries in India, Lotto India is a modern online-based lottery, which is accessible for all people no matter where you reside.

Lotto India stands out in comparison to the local state lotteries both when it comes to availability and the first prize amounts. In the standard weekly you may win the first prize of 4.26 crore rupees and in the Bumper draws the first prize is as big as 42.61 crore rupees.

Ticket prices are also low – a ticket costs about 40 rupees per entry – so most people can afford to participate. Most other Indian lotteries increase the ticket prices when having a Bumper draw but at Lotto India, the price remains the same at the Bumper draws.

Tickets are only sold online and require a registration which might be a small holdback for some people but for most people it is more convenient since you do not have to worry about losing your lottery ticket or to keep track of the results as you will be noticed when winning. 

However, the drawback of the Lotto India lottery is the fact that the chances of winning are extremely small. The highest jackpot prizes are very high but the winner almost takes it all. The second prize is lower than most other Indian lotteries. If you, for instance, match six numbers but misses the joker number you will only win 39 rupees even if it is a Bumper draw.

The odds of winning a standard Lotto India draw is about 1 in 80 million and the general house edge is about 50%. In comparison to sports betting or casino games, the chances of winning at Lotto India are remarkably low.

The online betting sites have a house edge that can be down to 1-5% and the general presuppositions are much more beneficial for you as a gambler. Sports betting and many of the casino games are also based on skills and knowledge and the biggest betting websites have customized their platforms for the Indian audience with an enormous supply of betting opportunities on sports such as cricket, field hockey, and kabaddi.

To summarize the benefits and the drawbacks of Lotto India one can conclude that it is a thrilling game that is cheap to take part in and if you are being extraordinarily lucky you may win a lot of money. But the chances of winning are minimal.

If you like gambling and want to increase your chances of winning to a much more beneficial level the online betting companies is an indisputable better option.

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