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Online Lottery in India played on betting sites

Online Lottery in India played on betting sites

The rules and restrictions relating to the online lottery in India are very different. It all depends on where in India you reside. In this article, we have compiled all the information you need about the lottery in India. Primarily the three following questions will be answered:

  • Lottery in India – how does it work?
  • When and where can I find the lottery results today?
  • Which online lottery is the best in India?

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Government Lottery in India – a general introduction

Lottery in India attracts a lot of people across the nation. The legal lotteries are run by state government organizations under the rules and regulations stated by the federal government.

The shape of the legislation varies from state to state where states such as Goa, Sikkim, Punjab, and Kerala run their own departments of the lottery while, for instance, Bahar has banned all lotteries.

Lottery in India has been controlled by the state governments since 1967. Before then, private lotteries were allowed and literally flourished across the country. This all changed in order to guarantee trustworthy lottery organizations to the big number of lottery players in India. The benefit of this system is also that the profit from the state lottery sponsors many of the welfare programs that provide financial support to underprivileged people who require more advanced medical health care.

The transition from online lottery to online gambling in India

Side to side to the legal online lottery business the online betting industry has been growing rapidly. Today the biggest online betting sites are offering the Indian audience a complete gambling experience. Primarily based on an enormous supply of casino games, poker games, and sports betting opportunities.

The sports betting coverage made by online betting companies is often localized and specialized. Generally focused on popular Indian sports such as cricket, Indian football, Kabaddi, Badminton, and Hockey.

No homegrown bookmakers are allowed in India as of today. Therefore a lot of people have discovered the offshore betting platforms. The most outstanding benefit of these online betting providers. Compared to the Indian government-run lotteries. Is the fact that the chances of winning are generally much higher.

FAQ about the online lottery in India

Is online lottery legal in India?
Yes, the online lottery is legal in India. In addition to playing the traditional online lottery, you can try new hybrid-games offered by the betting sites. In one popular game, they have combined the fun in online bingo and online lottery and created the LeoVegas Mega Ball Bingo Lottery. Why not check it out today.
Where can I play online lottery in India?
In India you can play online lottery, or versions thereof, at any of the popular international betting sites. Our top pick when it comes to online lottery and casino games in India is LeoVegas.
Can I play international lotteries online from India?
Yes, you can play international lotteries such as Powerball and Mega million from India.

Lottery Today – Lottery Results Online in India

Lucky draws from online lotteries in India is a constantly ongoing happening. Today, most of the Indian lotteries are running new lottery games every day. And some of them several times a day, with prizes up to 10 million rupees. On a regular seasonal basis, there are also bigger prize pools that raise up to about 10 crore rupees. These draws are called Bumper Lottery.

To find the lottery today you may enter your preferred lottery website to find information about what time the lottery game will be played, how many numbers you should pick, and how much it costs. A lottery ticket price normally ranges from about 30 to 50 rupees and each lottery has its own prize structure. 

The lottery results are presented online on various websites shortly after the draw has been completed. The daily draws are normally being made in the daytime. For instance, the daily Kerala state lottery draw takes place at 3.00 pm (IST) and the Sikkim state lottery, called Dear Morning draw, is being held at 11.55 am (IST) every day of the week. The lottery Sambad offers three draws per day, every day of the year. You may read more about the different draws, their timing schedules, and the presentation of lottery results in the section below.

Which Online Lottery is Best in India?

Which online lottery that is the best in India depends on what you are looking for. If you want to play many times a day the Sambad lottery offers, as many as, three draws every day. But if you want to win a lot of money at one time you should focus on the Bumper Lotteries.

Bumper Lotteries are held by various state lotteries at about six times every year. The ticket price to participate in a Bumper Lottery is a bit more expensive than an average everyday lottery ticket. But you are also able to win up to 10 crore rupees in prize money.

Listed below are some of the biggest and best online lotteries in India:


Lotto India is a relatively new national lottery that can be accessed online by people from every part of India. At Lotto-India you may win jackpots that are higher than the prize money at some of the state lotteries. Every Tuesday and Friday at 5 pm draws are being held with the opportunity of winning 3.8 crore rupees.

Kerala Lottery

The Kerala state lottery is a role model for other government state lotteries in India. Lottery Kerala were the first ones on the scene back in 1967. Today they are offering one lottery draw per day, every day of the year, and six Bumper Lotteries every year. The daily prizes are up to 10 million rupees. Whereas the Kerala Bumper Lottery prizes can reach up to 10 crore rupees.

Sambad Lottery

The lottery Sambad is one of the most active lotteries in India. The draws are conducted three times a day, every day. The first draw is at 11.55 am (IST), the afternoon draw is at 4 pm (IST)and the night draw is at 8 pm (IST).

Sikkim Lottery

Lottery Sikkim offers one daily draw called the Dear Morning Draw. The draw takes place at 11.55 am (IST) every day. At the Dear Morning Draw you may win up to Rs. 25 Lacs every day whereas the Sikkim Bumper Lottery offers prizes up to 10 crore rupees.

Punjab Lottery

Lottery Punjab used to offer weekly and monthly lotteries but today they are only a Bumper lottery. The Punjab Bumper lottery draws being held six times every year with a big amount of prizes available. You may win from 150 rupees up to, as much as, 15 crore rupees.

Goa Lottery

Similar to the Sambad lottery, the Goa lottery offers new games three times a day, every day. Lottery Goa has its starting times at 11.55 am (IST) in the morning, 4 pm (IST) in the afternoon, and 8 pm (IST) in the evening.

Maharashtra Lottery

The Maharashtra lottery is running a daily lottery. At 5.15 pm (IST) the lottery results are announced. The Maharashtra state lotteries also conduct the Vaibhavlaxmi lottery every Friday. The first prize of the Vaibhavlaxmi lottery is 7 lakhs rupees and the second prize is 2000 rupees.

Playwin Lottery

The Playwin lottery used to be one of the most popular lotteries in India. But it was banned by the Karnataka government in 2018. The decision to ban Myplaywin lottery was made due to that they had allegedly been selling online lotteries banned in the state.

Summary and alternative gambling

It is difficult to determine which is the best online lottery in India since they are all quite similar. The general upside is that it is fun, fast, and cheap entertainment. That hardly demands any prior knowledge at all to get started. Even if it is a Bumper Lottery where the tickets are a bit more expensive, most people can afford to participate.

The big downside of the online lottery in India is the high house edges. A majority of the lotteries have, at least, a 50% house edge. Which, in comparison to other gambling alternatives, is extremely high. In other words, this means you, mathematically, are expected to lose 50% on every single bet when playing the online lottery in India. This can be compared to casino games such as BlackJack. Here the same measurement can be down to 1% if you are being strategic, or roulette which is 5%.

So if you are into gambling and want to increase your chances of winning. Then the online betting sites are offering a much lower house edge compared to the lotteries run by the Indian government.

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