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Mumbai Indians 2019 IPL winner – 2020 IPL cricket still a question mark

Mumbai Indians 2019 IPL winner – 2020 IPL cricket still a question mark

Almost a year ago now the Mumbai Indians fought their way to victory in 2019 IPL cricket. No one really knows what will happen to 2020 IPL. Especially since the Indian government recently decided on a complete lock-down of the entire country until April 14. This will inevitably have an impact on cricket in the country and on the Mumbai Indians’ preparations to defend the title. Cricket is a driving force for Indian society as a whole. We certainly hope to see at least a shortened version of the IPL take off end of April 2020.

Looking back in the mirror. Mumbai Indians’ victory in the 2019 Indian cricket league was a demonstration of precise execution. Their captain Rohit Sharma managed to lead the Mumbai Indians to yet another win. Sharma has been with the MI for almost a decade now, and his contribution to the team has always been remarkable. Sharma is one of the most gifted cricket batsmen in the world and the 2019 statistics speak for themselves. It was one of his top five seasons ever, which demonstrates his ability not only as a leader but also as a cricket player. In the finals, MI managed to win by the smallest possible margin. 1 run up against the Chennai Super Kings is a true nail biter.

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