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PokerBaazi launches #BaaziBillion campaign to celebrate historic milestone

Baazi Games’ ushered in the #BaaziBillion campaign to commemorate their success of reaching one billion hands on the online poker platform. The campaign not only celebrates the milestone but also as an anniversary to seven years of the company’s journey as one of the major contributors to India’s poker economy.

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“It has been a journey that has helped all of us grow at PokerBaazi along with the brand. Today’s achievement is no small feat as it includes the contribution of each member of our team who has worked relentlessly to make this dream possible,” said Baazi Game Founder and CEO Navkiran Singh.

The biggest online poker platform in India would also like to give a thank you note to all its community members who have helped the growth of the brand since its first launch almost a decade. The Indian ‘Baazigars’ now has reached more than 2 million members across the country and continues to grow with no sign of stopping.

“With our users at the core, we have not only redefined technology but have been able to interact and analyze the clear trends which make the difference. While we sit at a billion hands, we will continue to strive to do better and match up to the expectations of India’s poker community,” Singh said.

In appreciation of the community, released a digital campaign video. The video shows an insightful infographic on key consumer insights in the past years. The data portray the poker-playing preferences of the Indian community. The video also shows the team behind the brand who are responsible for the success of the platform.

“We have stayed true to our goal of creating a new poker ecosystem in India and in the last seven years we have clearly been able to create resonance amongst the poker lovers of India and the same has resonated in our company’s continued growth trajectory,” Singh continued.


The video starts with a group of the PokerBaazi family excitedly celebrating when the countdown turns 1 billion hands shown on a big screen. Next is shown the infographics of India’s choices on online poker.

Customer findings show people of India prefer to play online poker on a Sunday. The key attraction for the players in the tournament which give out three times more hands than regular cash tables on National Poker Series.

Gold Rush Tournament, a part of the National Poker Series 2021, marked the most hands played on the platform in the platform's history with 1.8 LAC hands.

Two out of three hands are played in Texas Hold'em Poker, which has emerged as the format of choice.

Around 57 percent of winning hands don't reach a showdown at the gameplay level and only 0.01 % of winning hands are royal flushes. The biggest win to date has been over one crore.

Since 2014, there have been several millionaire winners. A total of over 10,000 players made the cut and eight players played over one million hands.

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