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Upswing in online gaming and online casino gambling in India

Upswing in online gaming and online casino gambling in India

Behavioral patterns, seasonality and gender preferences are things we can normally predict. At least to a certain degree. Changes can and will occur, but it normally takes time. In an ideal world, changes will come gradually. People normally don’t suddenly decide to stop taking the bus to work or stop eating out. However, that is what we are seeing today. People have suddenly changed their behavior, due to external factors imposed on people, but also due to their own will. It is a little bit like the stock market. If bad news comes out in the market and one investor sells, then all the other investors will sell as well. If you are suddenly forced to stay home, you will see an upswing in online casino gambling.

What we are seeing in society today is unprecedented. People are staying at home more. Eating at home. Socializing from home. Hanging out with the family more. And last but not least, spending more time with their smartphones and in front of their computers.

An upswing in online casino and online gambling

When people spend more time online, they will inevitably spend more time playing online video games and online casinos. During a normal recession, you tend to see sports betting increase in popularity. But given that most sports events around the world have been canceled, people have turned their attention elsewhere. To online gaming and online casino, which is why we now see an upswing in engagement.

Many online games (such as Fortnite) have lately reported increased sales and increased usage. This goes for all age groups, not only for young people. We also know that many sportsbooks are suffering badly due to canceled sports events around the world. But on the other hand, we are also seeing an upswing in online casino.

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