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India making Kabaddi part of the 2024 Olympic Games

India making Kabaddi part of the 2024 Olympic Games

In 1936 Kabaddi made its first appearance ever in an Olympic game. Kabaddi was not officially part of the Olympic games. It was merely a demonstration of Kabaddi to the rest of the world. Indian officials probably had their hopes up of making Kabaddi a sport worthy of the Olympic games. However, that never happened, until now!

India pushing Kabaddi towards the 2024 Olympic games

India has tried to make Kabaddi a widely known international sport for years now. It is therefore with great pleasure we can announce that the Indian government is trying to make Kabaddi part of the 2024 Olympic games. Indian Sports minister Kiren Rijiju is reportedly trying to make Kabaddi part of the Olympic games. This is not the first time India is trying to make Kabaddi an Olympic sport. The former Indian Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore for years tried to make Kabaddi an official sport but failed.

We have our hopes up that it will finally succeed. That Kabaddi will be recognized around the globe, for the sport that it is. A fast, physical and intelligent sport unlike no other sport in the world. It has been part of the Asian games for decades, so it is now time to make Kabaddi’s entry in the Olympic games. Kiren Rijiju, you have our full support, let’s get it done!

We have always loved Kabaddi. Played Kabaddi. Taught Kabaddi. We played Kabaddi as kids, and still do with friends when we get the time. If Kabaddi would become part of the Olympics, it would not only be a huge win for the sport. It would be a win for India as a nation. The sport admired so much in villages around the nation would finally be approved globally. Kabaddi is already now growing bigger and bigger every year, but this would give it a boost like few other things. Professional Kabaddi players could hopefully become equally rewarded and remunerated as cricket players are.

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