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Major International sports events canceled by Covid-19

Major International sports events canceled by Covid-19

The coronavirus is starting to have a major impact on the international sports arena. Many major international sports events have already either been canceled completely or suspended to a later date.

As reported earlier the IPL was suspended last week following a travel ban imposed by BCCI on international cricket players. This in combination with three Indian states refusing to host any cricket games in fear of spreading the coronavirus.

This means no online betting on cricket as long the games are canceled. 

In addition to many sports events being canceled, most major training camps have been canceled as well. Latest being Chennai Super Kings camp which was supposed to be held Saturday. To keep you up to speed on what is going on in major sports globally, we have compiled the below list. Stay tuned for more updates and information about what effects the coronavirus has on all major international sports.

List of all major international sports happenings being affected by the coronavirus

Sport Event Status
Cricket IPL Postponed till April 15 for now
India-South Africa Canceled
Australia-New Zeeland Canceled
Tennis All AITA tournaments Canceled events
Miami Open Canceled
BNP Paribas Canceled events
Monte Carlos Masters Canceled
Field Hockey Indias Tour of Japan Postponed
All FIH pro league On hold until April 15
Basketball NBA Suspended from March 11
Football Champions league This week postponed
Europa League This week postponed
FA Cup Postponed until April 4
EPL Postponed
Athletics World Indoor Championship Postponed until 2021
Formula One Globally All events cancelled
Badminton Globally All major events canceled

Given the recent development in major international sports, where most events have been canceled. We would recommend that you focus your attention on where it matters most – to your loved ones.

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