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Virat Kohli the legendary India cricket batsman

Virat Kohli the legendary India cricket batsman

Few other sports profiles in India are as famous as Virat Kohli, the India cricket superstar. He’s a national pride with a skill set unlike anyone else. Virat Kohli was born a cricket player. That’s right, born in Delhi and already at an early age, people could see he was something out of the ordinary. Already in 2008, the right-handed batsman led the under-19 India cricket team to victory in Kuala Lumpur. This became the starting point of a long, loyal and successful journey with the India cricket team.

Virat Kohli is known to be an aggressive player on the field, sports vice, and verbally. This proved to be a recipe for success. Opponents fear him and they can easily be set off guard by his sheer appearance.

Virat Kohli main achievements

  • He made 70 centuries in international cricket, 27 in test cricket and 43 in ODIs
  • During the Asia Cup in 2012, he managed to achieve his highest score ever of 183
  • He is now the captain of the men’s national team

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