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Betting site lottery growing in popularity

Betting site lottery growing in popularity

The lottery has been around in India for decades, but betting sites are now slowly taking over. The lottery took off in popularity in India after the regulation was completed in the late 1960s. The regulation of the lottery meant that some states allowed government-run lotteries, while others did not. With the entrance of betting sites on the Indian market over the last years, the lottery popularity is now slowly moving away from state-run lotteries. A betting site can offer an online lottery, which is something the state cannot, and this is now driving the migration.

Betting site lottery – pros and cons

There are some major differences between a state-run lottery and a betting site lottery. First of all, a state-run lottery, such as the Kerala Lottery, does not offer online games. We have seen an evolution in online gaming over the last years, and private players are taking the lead. You can now not only play online casino at a betting site, but you can choose any game you want, like the lottery. You will also see that there are new versions of the lottery, such as Mega Ball Bingo Lottery, which can be found at LeoVegas.

Betting site lottery and house edge

The main reason why you should choose an online casino as opposed to a state lottery is the house edge. When you place your bets on a state lottery, they will on average keep 50% of the money. On the contrary, a betting site will only keep between 1% and 5% on average, depending on what kind of game you play. This means that a betting site offers a much more profitable gaming experience. You are more likely to leave with a profit if you play online lottery at betting sites.

Why you could still choose the state lottery

The main, and probably the only reason, why you could still choose a state lottery is simple. Charity. The state-run lotteries will use the profits to support the society, which is something the betting sites can’t. This is of course very noble and we, like most others, appreciate this kind of setup. However, being a gambler, playing the lottery in hopes to score big, betting sites it is.

Our recommendation is always to mix it up. They both have their pros and cons. If you play some state-run lottery, then simply top it up with an online casino and you will improve your odds. Only the slightest adjustment will increase your probability of winning.

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