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Online gambling has seen a meteoric rise in various parts of the world and India is one of the places where this meteoric rise has been profound. The industry is already worth more than a few billion dollars, but the Play India opportunities are projected to grow at an astronomical pace in the next couple of years.

A number of factors like better Internet connectivity and youthful population have aided this growth and it is a far cry from the days when people were wondering where to play India.

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Gambling Legally in India

The legality of gambling depends on the location, as not every state is supportive of Play India options. For example, Goa and Sikkim are the only states where land-based casinos are accepted.

This approach is similar to other countries like the United States, where only certain states to support legal gambling. This has been conducive to a steady growth in online gambling in India. For the most part, gambling activity in the country has taken place under the radar. 

There are only vague estimates about the amount of money that makes up the industry, which is largely in the underground market. It is estimated that the cricket betting market would only be worth around $40 million but it largely happens underground. The entry of online Play India options makes a significant difference to those who want to make up a slice of this market.

Due to growing concern about the money that under the radar, India is expected to bring laws that will offer Play India a lot more exposure. At present, the transparent and legal gambling options in the country make up only around $12 billion and a significant portion of this turnover comes from online lotteries and horse race betting. This presents a lot of room for improvement when Play India opportunities are considered.

Options Available for Play India

Betting on Sports

One of the best avenues to experience Play India betting would be online sports betting and the country is quite fanatic about various sports.

The online bookmakers who make themselves available for Play India betting provide the option of placing a wager on sports like cricket, football, field hockey, and more. Among the many sports betting sites, Play India cricket punters would be typically attracted by the cricket betting choices with all bookmakers making sure that a higher degree of focus is afforded to this sport.

The sports betting market has a valuation of around $15 billion in 2020 but it is expected to grow to $20 billion within the next five years. There are legality issues for punters to experience Play India but it has been overcome to a great extent thanks to the advent of online betting. There is a grey area in terms of the legality of Play India betting, but betting on sports is certainly gathering pace in the country.

The biggest turnover when it comes to sports betting is generated by horse racing and cricket. The former enjoys a greater popularity amongst punters while the latter is enjoyed by most of the country as a whole. Even though betting on sports has been frowned upon in India, the attitude is changing in recent years particularly with the good image built up by the Play India options.

Live Betting Choices on Sports

The Play India user is also looking at many in-play betting (live betting) choices, as they are not restricted to just making the pre-match bets. Once again, sports like cricket and football have a lot of presence in this segment. Even with many restrictions in place, anyone who wants to explore the live betting options in Play India will be delighted.

The live betting segment has provided a new dimension for punters around the globe. One can place bets on a sporting event even if they are not in attendance. Thanks to the spectacular array of statistics and data provided on the Play India platforms, a punter will actually be able to make better decisions on the online platform than anywhere else.

Online Casino Options

The world of online casino gaming is extremely popular in many parts of the world. However, there are several restrictions to experiencing Play India in its finest avatar. Even then, the Play India industry is worth more than $1 billion and this number could rise rapidly in the next few years if the government takes a more regulated approach towards the segment.

A significant advantage that players have at these online casinos would be their availability throughout the year. There is simply no let-up in the availability of gaming options. The term casino gaming is largely used to denote the likes of slots, table games such as teen patti, roulette and blackjack, poker, and more.

Since users can also experience Play India from a mobile device, it removes any restrictions due to factors like location or availability of devices. The online casinos also offers various safe payment methods where players may chose which one is best suited. 

Live Casino Variants

Play India live casino, just like in any other country, provides users with the option of choosing live casino games over the regular casino offerings. The obvious advantage would be the realism provided by these titles. Since Play India does not largely support physical gaming options, it is a huge advantage for players who have previously experienced live dealer games and want to enjoy the same from the comfort of their own environment. Crucially, the online live casino options are just as legal as the other Play India counterparts.

Lottery Gambling Options

The stigma that is associated with lottery has slowly gone away in recent years and Play India offers online lottery as one of the avenues where players can find entertainment. For a long period, Indians went through a social stigma that prevented their involvement in the industry. Now, a number of lottery players are putting their bets in introducing online lottery solutions.

Once users are reminded that lottery has a mathematical perspective with probability and statistics, the perspective of the lottery segment changes quite drastically. There is a lot of potential for Play India to do even more when it comes to penetrating into various Indian states.

Online Lottery Options

There has been a sharp increase in the engagement of online lottery amongst Play India users. The numbers have grown steadily in recent years once online lottery entered into the frame. For example, 2020 has witnessed the online lottery engagement increase by more than 50%. These online lottery options provide the opportunity to win big for a small price. At the moment, though, there are only a handful of sites offering online lottery tickets but this number is expected to swell in the coming years.

How does growing tech get more out of Play India?

The technology has grown tremendously in the last few decades and it has only been a key factor in enhancing the popularity of Play India as a whole. The biggest jump has been seen in the people with Internet access, which currently stands at more than 400 million. This makes India as one of the largest markets for Internet gaming. It is expected that the Internet users will exceed more than 600 million by 2022. Even amidst these incredible numbers, it is surprising to know that the potential for growth is tremendous considering that only around 30% of the population has good Internet access.

Is it legal to gamble online with Play India?

There is no specific law that prohibits a user from taking advantage of Play India which are available in plenty of late. This results in a grey area with regard to the industry. Any physical casinos, meanwhile, are only allowed in the states of Sikkim and Goa.

Is there any minimum age for Play India betting?

Since there is no legal requirement on this front, users have to go with the minimum requirement imposed by the Play India gaming destinations. Any user has to be at least 18 years of age before they can be part of Play India casinos and betting.

Is it safe to gambling online at Play India?

Yes, it is completely safe to experience the various games on offer. A lot of security measures are taken up by the online Play India casinos so that users can play these titles with a piece of mind.

Is there an advantage to online gambling at Play India?

Yes, there are plenty of benefits to using online play India options like sports betting, lottery, casino gaming, and more. The chief of those advantages would be the accessibility irrespective of the location or device available in the hands of the user.

What are the common payment methods supported by Play India destinations?

The number of payment methods supported by online gambling destinations is immense. However, the options available at Play India destinations are slightly reduced to meet with the legal and safety requirements of users. The common methods would be credit cards, debit cards, NETELLER, and Skrill.

Is it possible to use cryptocurrencies at Play India destinations?

Some Play India destinations do come with support for cryptocurrencies, but these are not prevalent and users should check the availability of this feature before signing up.

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